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Sold: CZ .22 452 Varmint, 20 inch heavy barrel


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Selling my CZ .22 452 Varmint.

One previous owner...who didn't appear to have actually used it!
It has a low shot count of approx 1000 rds.
20 inch heavy barrel.
Nice Turkish walnut stock.
Comes with original barrel thread protector.

It has a couple of very small carry marks on the stock & if you look hard, a few small surface rust marks on the outside blueing of the barrel (located between the end of the stock & moderator)....but to be honest I'm very fussy & when oiled not really noticeable.
However I don't want to mislead & would rather be on the negative side.

Everything works as it should & the inside of the barrel is perfect (as new) condition, with no pits or damage.
A very nice looking rifle.

I'd prefer to do a face to face deal, but will do a RFD transfer at your cost.
Rifle located in the Purbeck's, Dorset

The sale doesn't include scope, mounts, mod or bipod.

rifle only £200

Any questions or more photo's required, then send me a pm.


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Interested, I’m located in Plymouth, would you meet half way to do face to face?


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A few more pics...

First photo, there's a couple of small carry marks midway along the ridge of the stock...unfortunately they don't show up very well in the photo!

Photo's 2, 3 & 4...I've tried to show the slight area of rusting / discoloration of the blueing on the barrel...which is located roughly between the moderator & where the stock ends. This patch is only really on one side of the barrel...hopefully you get the idea from the pics.

Photo 5...to show that the rest of the rifle is in good condition.


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My fac is currently in the process of being renewed...I'd like to free the slot up before it's reissued, so I'll consider offer's under the current asking price of £200...