CZ .22 Hornet mag probs


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Hi I have a CZ 527 .22 Hornet which I love, But, I tend to have a problem with bullets locking in the mag. I know that the rim manages to get behind the rim of the bullet below. The only way I can free them is to dismantle the mag. I load the mag very carefully but it still happens now and then. Is there a solution?


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Not brand new, by any chance is it? reason I ask is that I wonder if the mag' spring tension's too great & the bolt is dragging a round back with it when you cycle it? That's just a complete guess though :confused:


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Have you lengthened the magazine ala internet instructions for feeding 40 grn bullets? My 34 and 35 grain loads are to long (fit too closely) to allow any forward/back movement... or enough to let the rims slip by without the spring allowing some vertical travel at the same time. Is, by chance, your magazine spring worn out??~Muir


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I have the same frustrating problem, only seems to happen when I'm loading the mag at night when spotlighting, my mag has been fiddled with at some point, the plastic filler block has been replaced with an aluminium one, not sure if mag length has been changed.
i also have a problem of the rim getting stuck a little low in the mag and the bolt not picking up . Possible the same problem. Mag spring too soft sounds like a likely cause.

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I have two mags, one used to do this regularly, first fix was to only load three rounds.
I then stripped both mags down and compared them.
The faulty one had the spring reversed, correcting this was a partial fix.
While it was apart I also noticed the "legs" on the lifter plate were at a different angle
to the working mag, be very careful when bending them.
You must heat it up to bend it, copying the good mag was a 100% fix.

Neil. :)

PS: No I didn't break the leg first time, I had prior warning of this problem.
I was sold a "new magazine" by someone on here that had the front leg missing :evil: