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For Sale: CZ .375 H&H Mag 550 Magnum Bolt Action Rifle (R/H) - S/H


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As with a lot of rifles in this calibre class this is another with little 'work experience' given the sharpness of checkering and condition of metal work etc. They do not tend to be used a lot as people buy them for a specific trip or ambition and then it gets left in a cabinet. However, a fantastic choice for any dangerous game and certainly capable of sorting out the biggest of wild boar too. Fitted with a fixed 100 yard and two folding, flip up leaf sights at the obligatory 200 and 300 yards zero's.

Anyone planning a trip to Africa this IS your starting point for any of the 'Big Five' too. A right handed cheek piece but the stock could easily be used by a left handed shot too. Standard hinged floor plate magazine with a 4 round plus ‘one in the tube’ capacity.

I have used for red deer and boar in this country, only selling as I a brought a new sako comes with 30mm tally Quick-Detachable Scope Rings and Picatinny Rail, scope not included. £750

cant upload pictures pm me and I will send by email Martyn
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If this is the rifle I sold you (if it's not then ignore this) then I can tell you this gun was bought new by me 3 or 4 years ago, and in my ownership fired all of 25 rounds..... I don't know how many you've put through it since but I'm guessing not a lot. Best of luck with the sale. As I say, forgive me if I'm mistaken but if not, have this as an endorsement of the guns history.