cz 527 bolt clearance


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I know there's been some discussion of this problem CZ527 Bolt Problem Fouling Scope Zoom Ring . CZ 527 I'm putting together a .222 package for my some as a starter and the cz527 looks ideal. What scope have folk found to work without fouling? I have a good condition PM1 3-12 x 50 that I'd like to use (30mm tube). It would be irritating to have to modify the bolt handle.



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I've not had a problem with:
meopta 3-12x50
snb 6x42
mtc taipan 6-24x56

the only time I've had an issue was when using a NV addon to the back of a day scope. I just put higher mounts on and it worked a treat.
I do have an aftermarket bolt handle that I've tried too and had no issues with that either.


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Sports match high mounts on mine with night force 56 mm objective no problem with bolt clearance