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For Sale: CZ 527 in .223 with Simmons Aetec 3.8-12x44 AO/IR


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Only selling because I just don't use it.

CZ 527 in .223, threaded 1/2" UNF, 30mm rings and a Simmons Aetec 3.8-12x44 AO/IR in reducers.

Shoots PPU well and Hornady better.

In my ownership I have put about 40 rounds through it, all at the range.

Only selling because I use my other rifles and never touch this one, and instead of buying more cabinets I need the space for other projects...

The scope is nice and clear (as anyone who knows the Aetec range knows) and the IR works.

Looking for £425 for the whole lot, which includes RFD transfer fees at my end.

Obviously the usual FAC restrictions apply...

Thanks for looking.
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Good afternoon, interested !
Did you buy it new or s/h please.
it looks in as new condition ...is it - i am just fussy as normally buy new.
have a slot for .223 so no problem.
my phone is 07973 114679 if you want to call tony
ps based in leicestershire


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Replied to your enquiry (thanks).

For the benefit of others, pictures of the superficial lacquer marks on the stock:

And the magazine:

My plan was to rub the stock down and oil finish it to bring out the lovely grain, but I just don't have the time and I don't use the gun - I could do with the cabinet space for other projects.


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Thanks for everyone's kind comments.

The gun is on hold while particulars and arrangements are discussed.

I will advise on progress and keep other interested parties informed.