CZ Rimfire Trigger Kits


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Does anyone know if you can still get the CZ rimfire trigger kits, and if so where from ? Little bit fed up of the heavy trigger and want to make it a bit lighter/crisper :) cheers


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Rimfire magic does them. I need to get kit for my .17hmr. Get a small rivet to push out pin on cz. Makes it light and sweet


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you can do it yourself with nothing more than a few bits at home.

if you lived closer i'd sort it for you

why pay money for old hat.

see if you have anyone local to you that has done it and pop round for a chat and a look SEE, its a peice of p***



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I had the Rimfire Magic kit on my .17HMR and it was an improvement on the CZ standard but still too "creepy".

A Riflebasix kit sorted it out for me.


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Depends entirely on how light you want it, but it can be done for about 25pence using a spring from a retracting pen.
It's very simple to do, but entirely at your own risk!
Check out the 'Poor mans trigger kit' on rimfirecentral. There are plenty of youtube vids showing how to do kt too.

If you haven't already done so, just try turning down the nut ln the trigger nut - it releases the tension on the spring, and that alkne makes a big (free) difference.


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I bought a kit from rimfire magic for my cz452, it came with 3 different springs, ive used the lightest one out of the 3, but the other 2 are still here with the instuctions if its any use to you let me know, I will stick it in the post for you, no charge,

just send a pm with your address
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