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Sold: CZ511 0.22 LR Reliable and accurate Semi Auto

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I'm almost definitely going to regret this but up for sale is my CZ511 0.22 LR semi auto, its just not getting used as I have a bolt action for NV use and a semi auto .22WMR for when we're shooting off the top of the truck so this little rifle is sitting in the cabinet apart from when it comes out for gallery rifle.

It is in very good condition with the original open sights still fitted, there is one tiny (head of a pin size) cabinet mark on the right hand side of the barrel which you may just make out in the photo's half way from the end of the stock to the muzzle. The stock is very nice wood, it does have a few marks on the underside from being rested and the finish removed but nothing major, factory screw cut 1/2 x 20. This is the subsonic version with the softer hammer spring for shooting subs and all brands I have put through it bar one brand (eley or RWS, whichever is most waxy was a while back) cycle perfectly, accuracy wise it will put all 8 shots inside 20 mm at 60 yards which is all you need for a bunny basher! Trigger is not too bad for a semi either plus it strips with a single thumb / slot screw on the action.

Included in the sale is the rifle, spare 'working' stock, 25 mm mounts, a surprisingly sharp 3-9x50 japanese made browning scope (has a couple of dinks but works fine, lenses are good), 2x 8 shot magazines and if collected 300 rds of winchester subsonic ammo. The spare mag does have some rust pitting, this is how I found it in my RFD's spares bin but its only on the surface and functions fine.



As I say I'll probably regret this but its better off being used plus I've recently invested in a thermal and need to raise some cash.

Obviously face to face with expanding on your ticket for the ammo, or will RFD the rifle at buyer's cost

Asking £200.00 as this is near mint and complete . . . How about £180.?

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