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:confused:REF: D&G Consultants uk. (Roger Buss) www.deerland.co.uk

Hello All, Just thought i would ask if any of the forum members have used their services or know of Roger Buss?
As a complete beginner to deer stalking i have contacted Roger to arrange an introduction and an insight into the world of deer stalking/hunting. I really want to start in the right direction and aquire DSC L1 , sound instruction and quality stalking oppurtunities.
Well i hope you can advise me or direct me to other sources.

Thanks all. C.G

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To be honest I don't know these people, but suggest that for DSC1 you could so worse than attend a BDS course. Four intensive days and all testing included.


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Roger Buss D&G Consultants, been going for years so must be 'hanging on'
My personal experience of him was - met him one morning at 4.30 am taken to an area where Deer were supposed to be in abundance, looked promising.
Introduced to his colleague,very experienced stalker, that was going for DMQ2 and asked to accompany him around the area, I am an accredited witness for upgrading.
Saw one buck at apx 120yds, he was not confident enough to take the shot and as it was he that was going for DMQ 2 discussed it with him and let it go.
Got back, spoke to Roger at length, was promised the earth, went home and never heard a thing from him since. That was two years ago. Very Strange indeed.


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Thanks EMCc, i will take that on board. I really am looking for the best place to start and i am so enthusiastic about this i really dont want to waste time and above all money.
Roger has asked me to meet for a few hours one weekend at the cost of £95.00, for which he will give me an introduction into rifle shooting, shotguns and general advise on where i can go from there and future services, stalking and courses ,etc. ????????????????????????????


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D&G Consultants

Realtree, a difficult job to reply to a post like this on an open forum and give the appropriate advice suffice to say that a lot of people have mentioned certain names in stalking who have providedservices for new stalkers who have ended up well out of pocket and ill advised...enough said ?!!


my advice for what it is worth is save your £95. Join the BDS book on a BDS course, make friends give more than you recieve and you can get such help and advice for free


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I don't know Roger Buss. Though I know he comes highly recomended by another forum member. I did contact him when looking for an introductory course by email. And to be honest his reply was very friendly, helpful and proffesional. Unfortunately his prices seemed sky high, and the actual stalking opportunities he was able to offer me at the time were somewhat limited.

Instead I drove all the way to South Ayrshire and attended a beginners course with Chris Dalton of South Ayrshire Stalking. What I can say was Chris and his wife Ann are very friendly hospitable people who are genuinely interested in introducing people into the sport. Chris has access to large areas of stalking in Scotland and is a level 2 accredited witness so can take you from a beginner all the way through your level 2 qualification.

His courses are tailored to your individual requirements. You could certainly do a lot worse than give him a shout and see what he can do for you.

By all means PM me if you would like any more info.

Kind Regards


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REF:Roger Buss.

Thanks guys i have taken all your advice on board of which all is greatly appreciated.


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I was in the process of arranging some hunting with South Ayrshire Stalking, but then got some free stalking. However in your circumstances I think that they will be the best option mate. IMHO. They seem to be a very good outfit.
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