D J LITTS have gone bust

PSE Composites Limited


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Just read on another web site that Litts have gone bankrupt for £20 million pounds and that the recivers have being called in.



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I'm amazed, thought they were too well established. Sign of the times I guess.


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The website is still up and running and nothing official so it may just be a rumour at this stage, certainly hope it is.



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I was at the Norfolk country fair near Norwich about 2 weeks back and they were there with a good display of goods. They seem a reasonable bunch of people, I hope its a rumour.


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No rumour boys its 100%, and they had my .17 rem off me in part ex for a 220 swift that i was going to pick up next week...oooppps


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All my Kit came form DJ Litts in Pangbourne

2 Rifles C/F
1 Rifle R/F
2 PM2's
2 Wildcats
Swarovski EL 10x42 Bino's
Swarovski PV-N Scope

All at a good price, that's why I went there.

Shame to see a "GOOD" one go under.

Wonder what will happen to the stock....That would be a good boot sale.


What's the deal with you? What will happen to your 17/Swift? Surley you won't lose both?


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I guess the receivers will be in and have a duty to keep it running whilst it's being wound up. At least that's my understanding. I stand to be corrected.


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yes it is very much true we will have to travel a fair bit for kit now. ed i know a few people who have lost kit too lucky i'am not one. something had to give they had about 20 working there


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Lucky escape!! I was just about to place an order on line before I read this the morning. Their website was running and active as of yesterday.


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This could be your lucky day mate, recievors are not interested usually in extracting the maximum amount of value from a colapsed company. If your still interested find out who they are make them an offer on the gun you want to buy and have it moved to a local rfd who will probably dispose of your .17 remmington for you. I would think silly on that offer as well mate. Most recievers reckon on getting somewhere between 10p and 50p in th pound for stock. Someone elses pain may become your gain not nice but highly useful. By the way its a great calibre 220 swift, I have a ruger m77 mkii in it and it rocks, pardon the phrase but it does. Good luck mate.


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i have read on another site that the administrators dealing with this are called Deloitte and Touche in Cardiff. so i guess those that have guns on order etc can contact them if needed.


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looks like a phone call is in order just to see what bargains i can get as i am sure it will be my last one from litts :evil:
but. it is still a shame , as they hav been good to me in the past and a lot of innoncent people will be caught in the backlash from it ,so good luck lads and lasses in trying to get your goods or money back i hope it all works out okay


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okay you lot who is trying it on with the reicevers as they are not into opening up yet , but i hav got a few bargains and some more on the way , for those that hav lost a gun or rifle good luck as they are being inandated with calls from people tryiing to claim such weapons so make sure you hav as much evidence as poss and like i said good luck


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The liquidators are:

Deloitte and Touche

All trading has ceased and the receivers are now conducting a full stock check. This will take at least three weeks. They will then match all guns to their owners for anyone who has their gun in Litts for repair etc.

They can be contacted on 07876 664035, leave your name, address and number plus the details of the gun, maker, type, serial number etc.


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Some of the staff let them down big style,only ones I dealt with were Dave.G or Mike or Carl ( if he didn`t have a punter there looking @ a Perrazzi or a Boss or anything else over 10K ).Dave or Mike, especially would go out of their way to help and even make me a coffee.I have been there and when none of these blokes were available I`d go home and come back another time.
I would expect that withing a 12 month the Litts shop will be back up and running after a management buyout (of whats left,even if it`s only the name)
There was talk a while ago of Litts and Sportsman opening a Shooters Supermarket,which was going to be Bristol/M4 way,but I think it fell out of bed because they didn`t quite see eye to eye, but they always did alot of business together.
I wasn`t a special customer,but one day a friend asked me how much I`d spent there, and I added it up, very very quickly forgot the amount (about 35k but shhhhhhhh) and carried on chatting to the wifey.
:oops: :oops:


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Any more news on the Litts situation?

Not that I want to profit from another's misfortune, but if there are bargains to be had I wouldn't mind getting a look in!