Daily Mail hunting article

The fourth Horseman

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Can't see a problem, I've seen worse photos on here. Just look along the top, there is no respect for that ripped ear.
At least the animals are laid out tidily and there are far less than your average Spanish Monteria.
It's just a class criticism again.


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I think many of the comments really just show the general intelligence of the average Daily Mail reader. (oops! my mother reads it).


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The photos remind me of when I attended the Czech International Falconry Meet in 2005. Everything caught on the day was laid out back at the castle within a garland square on the grass and only those who had caught were allowed within the square. There was a "prayer" of thanks given for the day's hunt and for the animals caught.

It was conducted with great tradition and respect...….yet all you hear from certain factions is the absolute drivel about cruelty etc that they come out with.


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The line about cruelty to animals in childhood leads to violence in adulthood. Well, it sells papers and folks read and believe it. We can never win this fight. Only carry on chipping away at the utter dross we have to endure.


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Let the complainers have a day at the abbatoir to see and learn how their cheap food is produced en masse, they might consider their complaints more thoughtfully thereafter (though somehow I doubt it)


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A post-Brexit ‘no deal’ social meltdown might change a few attitudes once the supermarket shelves become empty and the numpties start to think about where the produce actually originated from. That’s assuming they are capable of rational thought in the first place .............. nah, based on the Daily Fail responses you can forget that last one, just point them in the direction of the nearest Soylent Green facility for ‘processing’.


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I have been involved with a long thread on hunting on the Turkish living forum and found it quite amazing how they tried so hard to portray hunters as blood thirsty psychopaths.

I think I was asked six or seven times Why I liked killing animals?

I answered that theres a lt more to hunting than just the killing bit, I as a hunter was born that way its in my genes my family name coming from the medieval name for Hunter makes it likely theres some ancestry there.

I pointed out the meet we got is properly free range and organic and the deer lived naturally in the wild right up to the second they were shot

The one argument I put forward that no one dared answer (despite my best efforts to corner people) was that the deer I shoot and eat NEED to be shot as part of conservation workin the UK but the 175,000 cattle killed every week for the pleasure of eating meet, do not have to be killed.


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You'll never change the opinion of a bigot. As for the Daily Fail, I doubt that any sane, balanced individual accidentally reading it will be convinced of the truth of anything in there. I'd even check the date at the top.