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For Sale: Damascus January sale!


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last of last year's stock
Acid Etched Damascus steel knife blades
(strong etch, could be flatted/polished given lighter etch if personal taste requires)

Pattern Welded, 200 layers, folded 5 times

Hand ground, pre drilled handles (3-4mm holes depending on blade)

Hardness between 465-535 (Brinell)

Blades between range between 9 1/2", 7-3/8" and 8-1/4"
Blade thickness varies from 3.5mm to 5mm depending on pattern

from left
8"hunter - £25 posted
8" hunter - £25 posted
8" guthook - £20 posted - 3.5mm
8"drop point - £25 posted - 4mm
8"drop point - £25 posted - 4mm
8"drop point - £25 posted - 4mm
7" straight blade drop point - £20 posted - 4mm
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Excuse my ignorance but are these already heat treated? Also what thickness is the steel of the drop points blades and the diameter of the holes for rivets in the handle?