Damn the bitch got pregnant I think??


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Well here we go guys. It looks suspiciously like Lola the Bavarian/Hannoverian cross is up the duff.

The vet will check her out this weekend. There is only one culprit and thats her current boyfriend Eva who is a full pedigree Hannoverian. It goes without saying that make the pups 3/4 Hannoverian Blood hounds so they will be physically bigger than the Bavarians. I am positive some fur will fly from certain quarters about x-breeds but hey the genes dont know about the paperwork.

Anyway I'll keep you guys posted.

If its true the Kids are going to have a great November :lol: :lol:



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Hi MarkH,
If it wasn't for the fact that I have five dogs already I'd love a dog like yours! O well they can't all last forever! :eek:

Hi Gunslinger,
I thought you had forgotten us, you haven't posted for ages! Its nice to have you back.


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I'm a sucker for puppies. Those pictures are adorable!


I pop back in every once in a while. I just have too much work to do now. Not, mind you, that I'm complaining. I'll try and pop in here more often.



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Absolutely beautiful dogs, if I had more space I would be chasing after you with a wad of cash looking for one of them.
She's beautiful now, but she was precious when she was a puppy. If she were mine, the poor thing would have never learned to walk. I would have been cuddling her all the time.



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Very nice Mark, I'm really getting into these dogs. I've seen Malcolm's dog work and was very impressed! I will get one eventually, unfortunately my Jack Russell's rule the roosts and don't like new dogs in the house. :eek: