Dancing Munty!!

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Hi, just been sitting out for....well just sitting relly to see what was around. Didn't want any deer, but a fox probably would have been taken. Anyway, a little munty came out and was possitivly skipping/trying to do a backflip. I watched for a while, but it never came closer than about 150 yds, and as it never stood still, it is very much alive. It was acting like a new born lamb.
Has anyone got an explanation, or could it just have been having a "happy" moment??

When it stopped dancing it just did that munjac walk.


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My brother sold a Springer Pup which subsequently got infected with lungworm. One of the symtoms was the dog basically going loopy and although now treated has left the dog very slightly brain damaged (i.e bonkers!)

I wonder if the muntjac could have a similar affliction?


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Possibility that it could be gid (coenurus cerebralis) intermediate stage of Taenia multiceps which is an intestinal parasite of dogs ,foxes and man. Picked up by grazing faecal infected pasture.


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Just happy?

I wonder whether your muntjac was just happy and playful, enjoying the spring weather.

I have seen similar behaviour in Berkshire and it also appears in a DVD about mutjac which is sold by the BDS. I was reminded very much of my cat when he has one of his mad half hours, chasing invisible mice around the house.

I have seen young roe playing with one another and of, course, muntjac youngsters have no siblings to play with, so perhaps they just have to amuse themselves.
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