Dangerous girls thingy on TV


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Well did anyone watch it :confused: Our sort of women :D
Before you all start i just want to make it clear that the asian babe is MINE MINE MINE :D :D :D :D

Pete E

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It was an interesting program...I think the guys hyped things up trying to make out the women were training for Para Reg selection or something; I suspect it was to add a bit of drama to the program and a chance for them to be macho on TV :rolleyes:

In the end, the program focused on the easiest part of the the culling operation ie pulling the trigger; if that girls had also had to gralloch their kills as well, then their lack of experience would have really slowed things down..

The Mole

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Interesting to watch, but I felt a bit uneasy over the competition to see which team could kill the most.

Did anyone pick up what calibre they were shooting with? Even with mods, it looked very light on the recoil & seemed quiet


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Senile old fool that I fear I'm becoming, I forgot to record the program. :evil:
Did anybody out there record it so that I can watch it?
Fingers crossed,


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Interesting program to watch, I’m sure some of the hype was to do with the fact that it was on TV, as for the competion between the 2 teams why not, at the end of the day it was a slaughter house in an open field they were there to slaughter as many as they could! And it’s just another job, some people would love it, other not, but is that not the same in all jobs, just because you do I job doesn’t mean you enjoy but it puts food on the table,
It’s a side to processing meat that I had never consider before in the way they did it,

Little Terry

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You can watch last nights episode here:


I enjoyed it and it is another way of bringing the real world to Joe public. Like the Farming heroes series on the bbc, it told it like it is without dressing it up too much I thought. Yes, there was a bit of deliberate tension-building at times, but overall quite good I thought.

Not everyone's cup of tea from a sporting point of view, but then again, what is!?!



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I thought it was all in all very well done, they all had a go at preparing the carcasses, did you see all the guts in the back, organic my arse looked more like it was going to be ecoli or whatever from that lot :evil:

However I had a sneaky suspicionthe very hot chick missed on purpose as she was **** hot on the range. :eek:
In fact supicious ol bugger that I am she shot rather to well :rolleyes: , I pondered that she may well have been coached in the UK, I know I would have done if I had been in her place.. we are a very competative bunch and no lawyer worth his or her salt would go into the arena unprepared :lol:

My personal thoughts were she pulled the shot as she didn't want to kill the animal and then hit one behind it, anyone else thought that?

DeerStalker Brent

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jobs for girls

I thought it was very interesting program, much better than usual **** that is on tv these days ;)

I thought the same legaleagle69, that girl was a really good shot at the range she got all the shots tight together. maybe when she missed it was because she was nervous and shaking abit or like you said because she didnt want to hit it:p


Bandit Country

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Am I missing something here, but..... I thought venison was only ever deer meat. As we all know, antelope ain't deer, so how can it be sold into the European market as free range, organic "venison"?


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For the anoraks amongst us, :oops: :oops: , I think the main rifle in use was a rebarrelled Sako Vixen in a Mcmillan Lazeroni calibre possibly 22-250 or 243, looking at the recoil and hole size on target.

I quite enjoyed the programme, I thought the asian girl dwelled too much on her ethics and religion, (vowing to say a prayer before the shot) "to direct the bullet to the target" and then not doing so and missing - hand of god? :rolleyes:

At the end of the day, the way they do things over there is clearly different to here.

Would have made sense to me to place each carcass in a fly proof net before transhipping to refridgerated container, but hey, its another world, much different to our own sanitised country.

Just shows the difference to a "commercial" venture and amature enjoyment.

The competition?

Tell me you have never had a side bet when out stalking in a group or on a driven day - just the same ;)


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Bandit Country said:
Am I missing something here, but..... I thought venison was only ever deer meat. As we all know, antelope ain't deer, so how can it be sold into the European market as free range, organic "venison"?
Me and helen thought the same thing. Don't know how fresh you can call it after it has been transported all the way to europe!!
Another interesting point . HEAD SHOTS
They didn't give much away on the range they were taking them.
It looked a bit more like an evening rabbit shooting.

Pete E

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Originally the term "venison" applied to most meats from game taken by hunting..This included deer, hares, wildboar, goat and antelope...

Over the years, in the UK, it was refined to refer to meat from deer...

I would be very surprised that any venison on sale in the UK originated from South African plains game...Most of the wild game meat produced over there actually ends up as biltong, which has a huge market in RSA and is exported else where as a specialty product...

Even in RSA I never saw game meat sold as plain "organic venison" but rather it was always labeled as to what species it was from with the meat of the various species often being markedly different in taste, texture and colour..

Somebody commented about the state of the back of the vehicle which contained bits of gralloch ect..

I've only hunted in RSA a couple of times, but it was usual for the black trackers/skinners ect to receive the entrails as a "perk"...Apparently the stomaches were treated like tripe, the offal eaten and the intestines used for casings very much as we used to...

The last place I hunted had a large waste pit not too far from the black workers compound and I gather what was not needed ended up in there...

Pete E

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Grantoliver said:
However they did do it, were not too girlie about it and during the time got their hands dirty.

I reread my earlier post and if i comes across as a slight on the girls, it was not intended that way;I was impressed with the way the Petty Officer and the police woman got on with things with out too much drama..

Once I saw them shooting, I thought they were going to do better than the guys were giving them credit for..The guys were actually very patronizing and while no doubt they had a wider skill base, that was down to the length of time they had been culling not their gender...

The TV program actually missed a golden opportunity. If they had timed the filming so it coincided with the girls "special week", they probably would have gone out and slaughtered everything in sight! :lol: :lol: :lol:


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Sam said:
how small were those calibres seriusly they looked like .22s !!!! :O

the bullets were definatly centrefire as near the end you see them being loaded into the clip.
soft nose

my guess would be .243

the length of those barrels were huge with the muzzle supressors on the end.


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I don't think anyone meant they were rimmys mate, and yes I thought they were quite tame, my thoughts were that it was to limit meat damage a small calibre is used.
If you are head shooting it is an obvious choice, a small very fast flat trajectory missile.