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For Sale: Dark Fox Red Labrador Stud Dog


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Superb Working Fox Red Labrador Stud Dog
Sawyerson Golden Fleece at Rylandson (Fynn)
His health tests are as follows:
BVA hip score 4:3 = 7
Elbows score: 0:0
Current BVA eye certificate
PRCD-PRA - Clear (Labokin)
MCD - Clear
CNM - Clear
EIC - clear (rare to be cleat in red labs)
S2D - clear (rare to be clear in red labs)
He picks up 2 -3 days a week during the season, on partridge, pheasant and duck.
Fynn is clear for Centronuclear Myopathy, Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Macular Corneal Dystrophy.
Fynn has 100% fertility to date, producing large litters, including a 9 and a 7 from a single mating. Bitches are entitled to 2 matings 24-72hours apart.
In the unlikely event that the bitch does not conceive, a free covering at the next season will be honoured. A contract will be issued to state this.
A copy of Fynn's pedigree and health tests will be provided.
Please email for more information. Photos and pedigree can be emailed on request.
Stud fee £350 (North Wales near Chester)
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Stunning dog! Let me know if anyone takes you up as, depending on the bitch of course, I might well be interested in having my name put on the waiting list for one of his pups.


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Hi Lads,

Thanks for the positive comments about Fynn, good to see people knowing the difference between 'FIT' and 'Skinny'.

He has served 2 red bitches over the last month or so, so I will keep in touch with the bitch owners and put their details on here once i know what they have available. He is due to serve a local black bitch in a weeks time too, so should be a few pups for sale.

If anyone wants any more info or a copy of his pedigree PM me.

Thanks again.



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Rhys, (or anyone else) any idea what colour is the dominant gene? If you mate a black bitch with a red dog or vice versa.... Is there a tendency for the colour of the pups to go one way rather than the other?


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I put him to my black bitch (to prove him), she has all black in her line (as far back as i know anyway) and she had 9 pups, 4 black, and 5 yellow/red (2 really dark, 3 dark yellow). Also he was put to my mates black dog (that I bred, she has yellow GM), and she had 7 pups, 2 black, and 5 dark yellow/red (not as dark as him). Like I say he has gone to 2 red bitches last month, so i am keen to see what they produce. Black is always the dominant gene but I think the pup color depends on whether or not the black bitch has pure black genes, or if there is some yellow in the line. Labrador Color Inheritance - With New Puppy Color Charts