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Could have ended a lot worse for these two men and their family's but, given recent threads about mistakes/accidents involving the police, the inevitable criticism and then the backlash in their defence along the lines of "how do you know, you weren't there." Perhaps we could cut these two gents a little slack. They certainly won't be the only boat to go to sea without VHF and navigational equipment.

I know a bloke who spent all night lost in a boat in fog..... In an Estuary! Now that defies belief.

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They went to sea with a dodgy compass,without any distress flares,without a vhf radio..relying only on a mobile phone whose battery died and no means of charging it,no radar target on the boat,only a packet of biscuits for food and one bottle of water between two.
They said they got lost due to dodgy compass and fog. Well,fog at sea eh,who knew that that could happen?.
Cut them all the slack you like, the MAIB didn't and they knew all the facts. My sympathy is with the rescue services who put themselves out for them and the relatives for being related to such numpties.
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