Days gone by


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Cleaning out the man cave today and found this old Polaroid of me and my mate with the first roe I ever shot (Aug 84 ) And my trusted Sterling AR180 .223 semi auto , I'm the handsome one on the right :lol:


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Also taken about 30 years ago but on the range. If you look carefully you will see one of the guys also had a AR180.

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Crikey we looked like the Ant Hill mob on the way back from a job. Sadly many of the guys are no longer with us.


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Nothing to do with shooting but I was up in my parents loft tonight and found all sorts of gems from yesteryear! An old judo certificate from 1983 a telescope I had around the same time and a small cash box(lost key many years ago) that I am pretty sure my old post office book is in!