Dead deer box aka Garden Storage Trunk now in at Aldi £ 12.99!

In Aldi, Aylestone Road, Leicester, yesterday. Got myself one of these. Comes with a lid too and all for £12.99! Appears on initial inspection to be leakless without any holes for leakage around the wheels.

Ideal for the boot on some hatchbacks or if not for the back seat as, with its lid in place, it doesn't tell what lurks inside!
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Are they incredibly thin crappy plastic which will break first time - or will it take a bit of abuse? Bloody good price.
I got one from morrisons recently, identical looking. Not for deer but for moving and containing other junk. Mine now has a hole in the bottom where I dropped something in and it smashed a chunk off...:rolleyes:

Mr. Gain

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Rather my thoughts. I like to keep mine in an open-topped tray or bag that's just deep enough to hold the carcase and contain any fluids, drop the back window an inch or two and make the run home with a good through draught.

It looks good for other purposes, though.


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line the bottom with newspaper and put in a dozen frozen coolie blocks.
if its in your estate car you need a lid to keep the crawly nasties climbing
onto your seats.


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Plasterers bath every time, normally a choice of white or black and as regards creepy crawlies getting out use a towel/sheet held across with a couple or three bulldog clips.


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I had a £19.00 plasterers bath from Sainsbury home base which lasted until I put the first carcase into it, then the lip cracked away. And it just cracked more every time.

The thing to go for is one of the polyethylene plasterers mixing baths from toolstation £33.33 delivered...they are unbreakable. A number of places do them around the same money, just check it is polyethylene.



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How long is the toolstation plasterer's bath? I can't see it on the website and I wonder if it will fit in the bottom of the chiller.


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