Dealing with Hooked beaks.... in Grey Partridge


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Alright folks.

Was just releasing some off our Grey Partridge out of the pens and noticed a couple of birds with a very pronounced hooked beak.

We got ex-layers this year instead off poults and i persume it is from when they were bitted in the laying cages?, but they have probably been unbitted now for a month or more. They look healthy enough althou i haven't actually handled them, but definately looks as thou its not a problem so far and is not holding them back.

My question is Is it worth doing anything/trimming beak (sharp sciscors, snips etc) or will it not bother them and just wear down, i usually keep them on pellets as long as poss (dec time atleast) incase that makes a difference to how quick it wears down. Does look quite bad but they seem quite happy

I know some game farmers used de-beak young pheas when rearing instead off bitting(never done it thou) but am i right in saying u no longer do that any more, and it was done with a hot tool designed for it


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Yes debeaking was done with a special tool that cut and cauterised the beak at the same time, done my fair share of it in the past don't even know if its still legal.

Its quite common to see the hooked beaks you describe, and it never seems to affect them very much, you could
trim them if you think it needs done, just be careful how much you take off ,they can bleed quite badly if you take too much, you used to be able to get a tool specifically for the job no idea if you still can, it was similar to the tool for clipping dogs nails, in fact a dogs nail clippers would probably do the job.


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Thats wot i thought about, but they look quite happy as they are so i'll mibee jist leave them. Probably cause more stress to them and others in the pen trying to catch them

I think i must off been involved in trimming pheas beaks at sometime when a YT boy as i can remember them bleeding a bit if u got too near the quick, but i think must have only trimmed bad ones after de-bitting afore release, as it is only a vague memory.

I may be wrong but i have a feeling de-beaking is either illegal or aggainst the new best practice/code of practice guidelines nowadays