Available: Dean boar

Due to the number of calls I am getting from past clients, I am going to offer boar shooting again starting in August.

This will be limited to only several outings per month during the full moon.

Pm for more information.

Update to this post

I am now operating several days a week and throughout the year but avoiding sows which have dependent followers which can be clearly identified using thermal.

Shooting is from enclosed towers with comfortable chairs overlooking bait sites which are located 50 mtrs away and where the pigs come to feed throughout the night.

Its £150 per night but there are no other fees for shots or trophies and no limits on the numbers you shoot as my shoots are for pest control/damage limitation.

Deer which are in season and during legal light conditions may also be taken included in the price and these are, Roe, Fallow and Munty with Fallow being the most prevalent.

Carcass for both deer and boar is £1 lb should you wish to take it home and a trichinella testing kit will be included for you to send off any samples for testing should you wish to do so.

I have a 4 berth caravan on site which has gas and electricity which you can also use for free should you wish to get some rest before your journey home as some people like to sit out all night.

Some form of n/v equipment is required with thermal being the best but I have an estate rifle with an Atn thermal scope fitted if you have nothing suitable.

Lamping is not suitable as the boar normally take to the woods but a scope mounted light with a green pill seems to be effective.
Have you got any outings left for August (it’s just popped up on my feed)
Please thanks James