Decent I-phone apps?


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Any decent stalking or shooting related apps to be had?

I have just got an I-phone 5 and was wondering if there were anything useful to be had for it?

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I have the following stored on Deer Stalking folder on mine:

Winchester Ballistics App - as I use their ammo
IGamebook App - to record all my outings - includes date, location, map where I plot the location of my outing, individual or group, total shots fired, number, sex and type of animal, a photo can be attached and a descriptive section. It can be used for deer, vermin and game shooting. It has a list of the seasons on it. Spits out statistics showing how many outing of each type you have done each year and total of each type and sex of animal that you have bagged.
I have various weather apps - met office, bbc, accuweather
Darkness app - which tells you the times of sunrise and sunset

I also have numerous web links saved in it such SD, Best Practise Manual, BASC, BDS, etc



The tramp

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iSnipe, good ballistics tool

iHunt, 300+ calls, solunar forecaster, torch etc

G4EMA, logging, interactive with landowner, they can see what and when you shot, if wished.

There is a multitude of 'ballistic apps' and other useful stuff, iTunes Store recommends 'like' apps when you search too

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It does all my deer management paperwork for me at a touch of a button.


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I hunt seems to be a decent fox attractant!, even without any sort of amplification. I snipe is good, met office & a couple of other sun / moon & tide apps too, weather radar.


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I use an app called Send Me, I use this to text or email a GPS link to my position so in the event something happens my friends/family know where I am.

I also have Find Friends installed so my friends and family can check on my loction, easy to just turn on and off for when hunting.


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What'sapp for mobile phone users, only 69p a year and it's unlimited texts, picture sending etc..


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I don't know why it would? Its reasonable, cheap ammo for normal stalking ranges but wouldn't be worth a toss for long range accuracy which is what a ballistic app is all about.