Decent padded rifle slip without zip


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I've suffered a zero loss and have decided I need to get a better rifle slip for transporting my rifle around and in the car. No hill use etc

I have a pile of slips with broken zips that adds up to a considerable amount of money wasted. I'm after something decent that can take a 22" barrel with ASE and a big scope - don't need tactical etc.

Anyone any ideas?


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not much out there that will fit the bill unless your a bit of a toy soldier (camo crud),

you need to look at the overall length of the rifle not just the barrel length, will you have the mod fitted or not ?

I would like a bag to fit the rifle with the NV gear on it but that makes the rifle rather deep and to find a bag both long enough and deep enough is very hard unless.... you want a hard case (vinny jones :rofl:),

I wish you well.