Decisions, decisions…New 308.. Bergara HMR + Mauser M12 + Sauer Keeper 🤔


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Starting to pluck up the courage to sneak a 308 into the house…think there’s enough brownie points in the new decor & laminate floor to get away with another rifle…😂

I currently own a lovely Mauser 201 22lr. Had it for years & love the thing. Feels so well engineered and is a joy to handle….feels like a big calibre even though it’s a RF

I also have a Browning Abolt composite stalker in 243. The rifle to be fair has proven to be a very effective rig for stalking roe, fallow & even a couple of reds. For a budget rifle it really isn’t to shabby. I particularly like the 60degree bolt throw and to be fair the bolt on my one is pretty smooth. I also like the removable metal box mags (came with 2x) The stock isn’t the worst but is by no means the best… the barrel heats up very quickly with POI moving a good 1” if rattling rounds down the range or lots of foxy action

308…So I have had the empty slot for ages and want to fill it with a rifle that has a bit more class about it than the A Bolt. Something with a heavier barrel and perhaps better inherent accuracy. I’ve been reading up on the rifles above and would like to hear from those of you with experience of these rifles in 308

Thanks folks


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I bought a sauer 101 off here second hand, its lovely. Very well engineered and smooth bolt action, it is way more accurate than I will ever be.
0.42 inch group at 100m on a very very gusty evening. Norma ecoflex in 150 grains very what my local gunshop had in stock in terms of non lead. I have just started out with a 308 and decided to start with non lead so i get used to using in and non have to change. The Buck in my photo was my first with it a few weeks ago.


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Nice shooting cowboy 🤠

Though what I was referring too was the feel & finish of the rifle…almost all will do the job but some rifles you simply don’t want to put down again
I know what you meant. I am someone who carries a rifle all the time. I have had a lot of pretty rifles in my life but these days I like mine accurate and indifferent to barbed wire's caress. ~Muir


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Having never held a Mauser or a Sauer I can’t comment. The Bergara HMR in .308 is a great bit of kit. Accurate straight out the box and excellent value for money. The fact that it’s essentially a Remington 700 with a Bergara Barrel means loads of options for ad ons or anything you wish to swap. I’ve joined a few Bergara FB groups - one essentially European and the other mainly US & Canada. The two mains themes that come across is their accuracy and their customer service. They’ve obviously had some issues in the past but have put those right and the newer rifles don’t have those problems. Their customer service folks respond to FB comments and questions, offer advice and will ultimately replace stuff that isn’t right. I’ve recently bought a new mag and a few bits of merchandise that wasn’t available in U.K. and equally they can’t currently deal directly with me from Spain (we won’t argue about politics and then “B” word ha ha) so they absolutely bent over backwards and got everything shipped to a mate in France who sent it on to me. Excellent, timely responses to every question I asked.

As mentioned, I can’t compare to the others you’ve mentioned - I’m happier with it than I am my Tikka T3 in .308 but I also love my Tikka T3 stainless in .223.

Happy shopping!!


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I have a Mauser M12 Impact in 308 & it’s a superb rifle - light & accurate with a smooth low lift bolt.

The three position safety is better than ‘safe’ or ‘fire’ mechanisms as you can unload the gun on safe.

The 5 shot mag is neat, easy to load & sits flush with the stock.

But in 308 & with a light mod the snappy recoil means it’s difficult to maintain a sight picture when you pull the trigger.

if you are looking for a heavier barrelled rifle this is not your choice as it’s a light barrel & fluted, that said it maintains a group at the range after 6 or 7 shot strings.

A mate has just bought an HMR it’s a cracking rifle but longer & heavier than the M12 by some margin.

Recently I bought a tikka supervarmint as the penny dropped I’d bought the Mauser & mod on the basis I didn’t want to haul a heavy rifle up Scotland’s hills which I only do a few days each year.

The majority of my shooting is fallow from high seats where weight is less important, in fact having a heavier & less snappy rifle is an advantage.

All a long winded way of suggesting you make your choice of rifle based upon what you’ll spend the majority of your shooting time doing.

The Mauser is a superb choice for walk & stalk. The HMR less so but is a great high seat rifle. A Tikka Supervarmint a half way house choice - short but heavy barrel & compact overall size.

I can’t comment on the Sauer but I guess it sits in the same camp as the Mauser.


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Bergara HMR great value for money.
Iffy finish quality I've heard. Fine shooting rifle but need to be on top of your maintenance. So others have said. Not had one myself. Looked at it for a 7 mm RM but I think I'll try and find an old M695 or Sako 75 and rebarrel it.


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Iffy finish quality I've heard. Fine shooting rifle but need to be on top of your maintenance. So others have said. Not had one myself. Looked at it for a 7 mm RM but I think I'll try and find an old M695 or Sako 75 and rebarrel it.
I've heard there can be issues, but I also know of one's more personally that are shooters out of the box.
Shouldn't you always be on top of your maintenance ? I do wonder about putting funky finishes on the steelwork, what are they had ding/compensating for (I aim this at much if not more so at Tikka/Sako).
HMR comes in an adjustable stock on a bedding block at about the same money as a quality stock, it really is decent value.


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As mentioned above - I’ve not heard anything bad about the Bergara from folks who have one other than some quite old YouTube videos from folks who turn out to have an axe to grind.


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Have you considered Schultz & Larsen? I think you’re looking for that piece of engineering elegance that some of us enjoy and while I really value my Sauer, the S&L is incredibly well made. I’d be happy to let you have a look at both if it’ll help with your decision making.


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You seem to have a lot of custom rifles on the forum that's sold now and then. If I wouldn't live in Sweden I would have bought one long ago :).