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eggy s

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Quick question.

Is it a legal requirement to tag a Carcass when it is in your chiller or does it only become a requirement when you pass the carcass on to a 3rd party?

If you got inspected and there were carcass in the chiller that had not been tagged would this be an issue?

eggy s

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A bit more details.

I shot 8 Muntjac with clients yesterday and the day before, I have them all nicely stacked up in the chiller in the order they were shot. I had to leave at 10:30pm last night and did not have time to run them to the Game Dealer. The Estate manager is claiming that if the EHO turned up to do a spot check then the company could get in trouble.

I was under the impression the tag is only required when they are being transferred off the premises to be sold and I cant located any legislation stating otherwise.

Anyone able to assist?

eggy s

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so how do you know which is which?

As said, they have been hung in the order that they were shot so the one closest to the door was shot first through to the one furthest away which was shot last.

It is a big walk in chiller that can house about 15 deer.

I also have photos of each one and all the cull reports prepared.


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I would say that preserving the chain of traceability is the whole purpose. If you know everything that should be in the declaration for each deer and can identify each one - I wouldn't think the that fact you haven't stuck the label on it yet is a problem. Certainly not illegal as it's in your control and you have the responsibility for the identification.

​Could be wrong though...


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In my experiance is got to be tagged, we had an eho inspection 2 years ago & there was a deer that I had just shot that morning without a tag & he threw his toys out!

We are now an AGHE & the FSA are very strict on this, if theres no tag then its not stamped & condemed, they visit weekly & can just show up at any time also to check anything they wish.

Its just good practice to do it fully & straight away.

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