Dedito boots: model Dodi


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Looking at these boots and was wondering if any of you guys and girls wear them and what your thoughts are of them or the taller versions. Are they comfortable? Are they durable etc.


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I bought the moorland model at the game fair. Have worn them maybe 10-15 times so far and they're doing well. I specifically bought them because I wanted high angle support.

Dan Newcombe

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I have the Moorland and they are alright but no more than that.

Very warm and I’m not convinced they don’t leak a little bit, often end up with a damp foot and they smell a bit which has never been a problem in other boots so I assume it’s because they are often damp inside.


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I have had the tall moorland boots for 4 years, worn about once a week and am very happy with them.
Sizing is Snug so go up a half size


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I’ve had mine 3 years (Moorland). Agree they are a snug fit. I keep nikwaxing them, no appreciable leakage. Used regularly for beating and stalking. Great ankle support and I can wear them all day which I can’t for most other appropriate footwear. Interestingly, saw 2 unrelated people in gun shop yesterday both wearing Dedito boots and they are a common spot on the shoots I go to, I’ve not heard any complaints. I’d buy another pair. Thanks.


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I bought the moorland at the game fair also, the Inner soles come loose which is annoying at best, a piece of memory foam has fallen out from somewhere and I am not 100% convinced they don't leak around the toe area a bit... Will give it a it of Time as allegedly they have a years warranty...
When I was keepering in Lancashire a load of us bought the moorland model and we all came up with the same conclusion…. Absolute sh1te…. They all leaked within 3-6 months needless to say we all went back to meindls