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Can anyone recommend a good deer dragger/harness type thing for hauling dead beasts around?
I normally shoot roe and I can carry them, but last Friday I bagged a decent sized fallow pricket :D and had to drag him for the best part of a mile :oops: , but my home made sling type thing bust apart :rolleyes: and I was left using a rope.
Good exercise, especially the last bit up a steep farm lane, but not much fun.

And if anyone can explain in simple terms how to post pics on this site, I'll provide evidence of the beast.

Thanks in advance
Geoshot (or T)

Andy L

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Hi geoshot,
I bought a harness off ebay for about £12 I think. It packs up pretty small but works well for me and is so much easier than rope.
Have a look because they are always listed (search stalking).


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hi geoshot
I perfected a technique where you tie a back leg to a front leg then put it on your back like a rucksack, saved a lot hassle dragging in plough and through rape .
Then i got wise and used a golf buggy but now hav in vested in an argo bit more money than a piece of rope but a damn site easier
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