Deer in Eastern England

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Found a report on deer densities in the five Eartern counties of England which states the estimated population of deer in that part of the country to lie somewhere between 51,650 and 124,568, with a best estimate of 76,237.

The best estimates for individual species are:

CWD - 4,949
Fallow - 7,446
Muntjac - 45,079
Red - 2,684
Roe - 15,983
Sika - 97

All -76,237

This is the link to the report and how they derived these figures:


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51650-124568 deer What are they trying to say?. Is it that they have no idea how many deer there are there :)


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If they had said that there was between 51,500 and 124,500 that sounds bad enough but to come up with specific figures is bad enough, even though they are wrong. Must have been a Friday when they counted.....

I have between 1,067,894 and 4,985,358 blades of grass in my garden, so lets say best estimate 2,890,639.

Sounds good to me :confused:


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TJ, I think its nearer 2.750,453 blades of grass in your lawn. But i'm just guessing.

paul k

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I've just had a read through the document and it seems that the main method used was to correlate road traffic accidents involving deer against populations on the basis that more accidents means more deer. It's a whole lot more complicated than this but that's the underlying science.

Putting the absurdly "can't be wrong" wide range of possible populations aside it is interesting that muntjac outnumber all other species put together and something like 6 deer in every 10 are muntjac.

What I find slightly annoying is the the BDS have failed to publish the data from the British Deer Survey for over a year now, this month's imminent Deer magasine is the third promise of publication (we'll wait and see) and yet here is some of it published in this paper.
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