Deer in the City


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Tonight 1950hrs BBC2 Scotland

Deer in City

Think this is on the Roe deer that were living in a cemetry in the middle of Glasgow.

Unfortunately since the making of this program I believe the deer were subjected to a viscious dog attack by some local neds!!!



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Ben, Having been recently speaking to a friend who resides in Glasgow and he was talking about several incidents in Glasgow of recent times where deer living in either parks or on golf clubs had been attacked by dogs and left. Scum have no depth at which to stop.


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as i have said in the past , i see a few deer in the outskirts of Birmingham
in a area of large housing estates and i,m blowed if i can see an area
that will hold them in the day. :confused:
as yet i have not heard of any attacks on them by the local scumbags
but time will tell :(
Its good to see them feeding on the grass verges and roundabouts
at 03.30hrs on my way to work, the scumbags are probably in bed at this time :rolleyes:


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Thankfully there are still a few around.

I have a mate who's a copper and has some that frequent a housing estate that's covered in his beat. Not to far from where the original deer were filmed.

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I always laugh at the po-faced drivel spouted by the animal protection outfits. Ooo! Six months in jail or a£5k fine - gosh I bet they're quaking in their boots. Has anyone any news of when there has been a successful prosecution of any sort of poaching activity that has resulted in a meaningful punishment? I'm talkng about death as the minimum sentence for a first offence and getting tougher for repeat offenders?


there MORE THAN AROUND I PASS THAT AREA EVERY DAY SOMETIMES FOUR TIMES A DAY AND ON ONE OCCASSION I SAW 28 ROE DEER IN THE ONE FIELD. A nice sight that would not happen anywhere else the next time i pass i will take a picture it is no wonder the local lads have a go at them . Hopefully they will grow up and do things correct when they realise there is a beter way. ;)