deer initiative

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old keeper

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Sorry if this has been raised before but I did find the matter a little worrying. It appears farmers and landowners have been written to regarding the deer situation on their land.e:g: Types, numbers, if anyone is shooting them,if so how many,sex etc. Does the landowner need any assistance dealing with the problem!!!!!!! an so on. I am reporting this without having seen the full details myself. It appears this is backed by various bodies such as English nature and others.
I will try and get more details if necessary but I expect someone on the forum knows all about it.
My concers is that landowners with small parcels of land may be seduced into thinking of the finacial advantages of cosulting this set up to the obvious detriment of individual stalkers.
If they really only wanted details of the culled numbers etc: why didn't they contact the guys doing the shooting rather than the landowners.
Having seen the way pigeon shooting has gone with vast tracts of land made over to "professionals" who then remove the little guy who just wants to shoot a few birds,could this happen (more than it is already) to the deer. I apologise for going on but I have seen too much of this sort of thing already.

The Mole

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What part of the world are you in, ie do you now which DI region this involves, or does it seem to be county wide?
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