Deer Initiative?


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I have the stalking on 5,500 acres, the estate is applying for woodland grants, part of the scheme requires the deer initiative to apraise the DEER IMPACT on the proposed coppicing and regeneration, this would involve image intensifying deercounting and other means of assesing the deer population. We cull around 130 deer, half are Muntjac, my question anyone out there like me, been on an estate, 20yrs eperienced, with various certs, been in the same position. Somebody is always knocking on the door saying their the best thing the estate could have to controll the deer, this time I'm wondering is there a hidding agenda with the D i or would it be of imense help to me. :confused: :confused: :( ;)


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Hi Deerwarden ;)

I would personally be very wary of the DI, if i were you. :confused:

Here`s something, obviously with muntjac you are in the South, as in England. I know that the DSC, Deer Commission for Scotland do deer counts and assessments for the forestry commission in Scotland but do they do it in England? I don`t know this as most of my stalking has been in Scotland. Is the woodland grant they are applying for from the forestry commission, i know in the past i have done crop protection on private ground which had had new planted trees put in by the forestry commission woodland grant scheme, this place was in Berwick upon tweed.
Just a thought, you never know ;)


mole trapper

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DO NOT TRUST THEM !!!, Bunch of shisters, out to get more stalking hiding behind banner, we have had them up to all sorts of tricks here in the south west, proper bunch of female genetalia. :evil:

Nix Niveus

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If you have secured the stalking by way of paid contract you should be ok whatever happens.

Assessing deer population is one thing, linking it to damage is something different.

Forest mensuration and damage estimates is a skilled and statistically difficult job and beyond the ability of most stalkers, DI appointed ones included.

So make sure that if they send people in that they are qualifed to deal with the forestry side, not just the deer side. Treat the conculsions about existing and predicted damage with scepticism until you see the robustness of the evidence/analysis, and the research/theory behind they conclusions drawn from it.

As yourself and others have said, some stalkers will say anything to get their hands on stalking. That includes starting from an objective (shooting deer) then finding evidence to fit it.


Ian why would a pm be of any use that was an open forum question shurley if the DI have no hidden agenda why not keep the answers so the members can see. For me if they are like the DCS they will mess you up the rear while you are looking and will tell you that it should feel good because there good at it. :evil:


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If the estate are applying for woodland grants, that money is from the public purse, and quite rightly, checks are made that the money will deliver the desired objectives. Deer as we all know can “trouble” new plantings, so an assessment of the deer population and/or the effectiveness of the deer management isn’t unreasonable.

It is up to the estate who undertakes the assessment, if the FC who administer woodland grants are saying only the DI can under take it, they are misrepresenting matters – although few independent ecologists have access to £30,000+ image intensifiers, but that isn’t the only method applicable.

As a keen deer manager, it might cement your relationship with the estate if you volunteer to help with the image intensifier survey, you will probably find it interesting anyway.

Have the DI an agenda that threatens your stalking – they are a registered charity, if staff aren’t acting in accordance with the remit you have redress via the charity commissioners.

Are the DI necessary, that’s another topic and have they delivered sufficiently to warrant their continued funding?


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A member of my pheasant shooting syndicate bought a 340 acre farm down in Devon that had a lot of Fallow on it so he told me to 'wait awhile' for him to settle in then come down and have a look at the Deer with a view of shooting a few.
I gave him nine months to settle down and then contacted him about the Deer.
His reply, 'Oh I was contacted as soon as I moved in and advised of my obligation to control the Deer to prevent damage to some 'Ancient Woodland' on my land and also did I know Deer can have TB'
As a result, him being a non Firearm owner, the member of the DI offered to do it for him free of charge and promptly put up four High Seats which are used by him and his friend quite regularly.
The member of DI is such a nice chap and has been so helpful he doesn't want to seem ungrateful so there isn't any need for me to go down there now!!!!
I thought DI was formed to inform land owners about Deer and damage and the need for control and pass the info to local Deer managers, not form their own Deer Management Group and snap up all the Stalkin!!

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I'm not so sure it has to be done by the DI?
I have done a few deer plans myself - one quite recently for a large woodland where the English Woodland Grants were being applied for. There is a downloadable format done by the DI which they like you to follow which I found to be lacking in some areas. I basically did my own which covered all the DI requirments and then some. It was presented to them and I was told readily accepted.
Here is a link to the DI guide which would imply that anyone can do it!! Guide.pdf
Good luck! ;)

Rob Mac

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It seems to me that some of you are as paranoid as the moderators on this site.

If you're doing a good job, communicating with the landowner about what's happening on the ground so that he knows he's getting a good service, then you shouldn't have anything to worry about.



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Rob Mac, in the perfect world you are right, but the DI do not subscribe to that world.
There are countless (factual) accounts of them robbing stalking from people who have been doing a good job for years.

This is not paranoia, it is fact.

paul k

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People are naturally concerned when contacted by "official" bodies like the DI and may feel under some pressure to comply, plus believing what they are told as the officials must be right.

It's a natural response to perceived authority figures. If someone with a hi-viz jacket and a "police" type cap on directs you somehwere in your car you tend to do what you are told for the same reason. They have the "badges" of authority and and you comply.

If the DI stay within their remit then fine but if they are using officialdom to nab new stalking or worse, take stalking from others, then something needs to be done.


I am in a situation with the DCS at this moment and will not talk about it till i Finnish my approach to land owners with regards deer managements but i will say this the talks i have had with the DCS have been a real eye opener. Lets remember they make there cash by shooting deer and measuring damage by deer.A charity it might be but the charity pays there wages and we pay the charities , lETS NOT HIDE THEY NEED!!!!!! THE STALKING AND WILL DO ALL IN THERE POWERS TO GET IT.
I will certainly let all know on here and other sites what the out come of interference from the DCS is .But lets just say i am not optimistic. ;)
Sorry about the post mark i have removed the offending words but because you copied and pasted it . It will remain next time you don't like my language just send me a pm it could have been sorted or were you just trying to stair trouble up. ;)


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Hello Rob,

Paranoid Moderators !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we dont have any moderators on this site?

Glad to see the site is back up ;)

DI why do they need to get involved if the stalkers are managing their ground properly?