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Does anyone know of any lines of UK labradors that have produced good deer dogs?
I am looking for a lab in the next year or so that I can train up for deer work.
While there are plenty of good gundog lines it would seem to make sense to try and source a pup from a line that has produced proven deer dogs.
For my needs a lab will fit the bill best and I have worked alongside some very proficient deer labs before, granted they did not perform a bringsel report but they did do as required!
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My mate has a lab' from a long line of working lab's breed for deer work. He is at the deer full time, I can give you his number if you wish. I think his bitch is in pup.

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virtualy any breed of dog can be used for follow up work on deer
so any good working line of lab will be more than suitable for your needs , just the training will be the distinguishing factor,
proven or not,
if a lab can find a pheasant or partridge runner after the drive has finished then a bloody great big wounded deer should be no probs
forgot to add
sika my lab bitch has been very easy to train learning very quickly and prooven her worth a couple of times out in the field and also when doing a long cold blood trail
she came from the Birdsgreen kennels
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