Deer, rain and wind - this morning's weather

Forecast is driving rain and high winds and roe is your quarry. What do you do?

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Following advice from a stalker with decades of experience and with forecasts of 25mph winds accompanied by driving rain, I decided my warm bed and attractive wife was a far more pleasant prospect than trudging across waterlogged fields for the chance of spotting a roe silly enough to have abandoned his or her sheltered spot curled up under a hedge.

But was that the right decision? (Wife still feeling as ill as when she went to bed with last night so that does not enter the equation!;)) Did anyone else venture out into the autumnal rain and wind this morning only to have the opportunity to count does or even see an elusive buck?


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Sorry - I misread the poll. Having voted for "stay in bed with attractive wife", it was only afterwards I cottoned on that it was your own ;)

I can't remember the last time I cancelled a stalking trip because of poor weather. When hill stalking in Scotland it sometimes appears to be standard operating procedure for the rain to be horizontal.

Down south with roe & muntjac I'll go into the woods if it's raining - deer have to get up sometime. I've also found that if you can be out at the end of a heavy overnight downpour it's often the best time. Of course the trick is knowing when, or even whether, it's going to stop raining. :D



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If you don`t go you`re not going to know if there`s any deer around, and anyway, depends whos wife your with. :lol:


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stay in bed with attractive wife wins every time mind you i am out on the clays later and i hope its stopped by then .


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Depends how enthusiastic you are :lol: and I mean from both respects.

If the weather is really bad, stay in bed. On the other hand if you have a job to do in a short period of time to achieve it in you have to take full advantage of every moment and if the rut is on for Roe, its always worth a drive round and a look.

You wont shoot one laying in bed thats for sure, deer I mean ;)

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Went out yesterday, rained all bloomin day, got a lull about 16:00, went for a wander knowing full well beasties would be out on the clearfell drying off.

19:10 after watching for 10 minutes one little nobber for the freezer! :D

The boy were roaring some after it got a bit later.

I quite often go out in the rain for Roe, they dont seem to ind it but the wind is a different story so I stalk the rides where they shelter. :lol:


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A few years back on a 1500 acre block of wood it was torrential and had been for 3 days.

5 of us were at the ground on the last day. I was the only one to venture out between showers. I got 5 deer in an hour, the others got nowt.

It is all about timing.