Deer Stalkers Help Needed! - Liver Fluke Research Project


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I responded to the 30[SUP]th[/SUP] April Shooting Times request for samples (attached).
But, it has become obvious since then that despite the promises to send Gillian Mitchell samples, in reality and despite best endeavours from some stalkers, this hasn’t happened in anything like sufficient numbers!
So deer View attachment Hand-out sheet 1May14.pdfstalkers, WE NEED YOUR HELP for Gillian’s project at the renowned Moredun Research Institute, near Edinburgh.
Kindly contact Gillian directly on email to express your interest in helping her research into this disease in deer.
She will send you the Instructions (attached) and the Sampling Packs FOC.
Should you obtain samples during your normal stalking activities, there is a FREEPOST Jiffy Bag into which to place and send the samples. It really is a simple procedure.
Please don’t ask any questions that you may have to me as the messenger, but direct them to Gillian.
Cheers, KLiver Fluke Research Ad Shooting Times 30Apr14.jpg


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Hi there,

To make it easier to find the info, we've put details of the study on the Shooting Times webpages at the Shooting UK website and shared on Facebook.

Hope it helps.

Jane Macnab


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Gillian recently advised that they are no longer looking for samples presently.
Cheers, K


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image.jpg This came out of the liver of a old roe doe today . The liver was not the usual apatizing sight it was slightly unapitizing and tough with holes in it . I'm presuming it had flukes as I guess this is one . There was also a few puss y looking spots as if I'd squeezed yellow matter out of a spot. I was just going to cook it too :( . Any advise if I'm right , flukes ?