Deer Stalkers Rifle Course... ?


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Has anyone seen these courses... any thoughts?

I cannot help but think it sounds better to teach new-be's to actually shoot rather than the specifics of deer biology!

... though at £165 for the day I think they will be laughing all the way to the bank!!!! OUCH :eek:

Why not go down the range, talk to the experienced shots and ask them to point out where the trigger is... will only cost a couple of pints of beer...


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You have to have and use your own rifle while on the course, mind you you do get to keep your targets so that will make it a bargain after all. :p :p :p



stalkers = money

these course organisers believe that we are all minted. I am selling two rifles in order to raise the money for my dsc1. (look at the classified section).

On Pfs graham is asking why the ammo makers are charging so much when Privi isn't. well the answer is becuase they can, we keep buying it. and once they say it is premium ammo then they can add more to the price again. there is also a lot of bull**** in shooting and snob value. ie the premium bullets that cost 3 times your standard psp are that much better. It's just not true but we fall for it over and over. Otherwise we would all shoot howas or brnos and all use privi ammunition. and still kill as many deer.



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Re: stalkers = money

swampy said:
Otherwise we would all shoot howas or brnos and all use privi ammunition. and still kill as many deer.


Very true Steve, I shoot 95% of my deer with a standard Tikka 595 all weather with a fixed power quality German scope, I have semi-custom rifles with mili-dot variable scopes but they do not allow me to shoot any more deer.



Our work day rifles have always been Bruno's and now CZ's. With fixed power continental manufactured scopes

No frills, tricks or fancy wood work, just good solid pieces of kit that will shoot better than many of us given the opportunity. Have fed them Federal ammo in the past, now feed them Privi.

I like my custom built rifles but they are for pleasure and play. The same as the motorbike. Call them big boy's tools if you like. :lol:

Carl Gustaf

I must admit I was quite lucky, I joined a select little club in the early 1980's called HM Royal Navy. I got to shoot everything from 9mm Browning pistol to Macdonald Douglas Harpoon Missiles!
They also took me all over the world on holiday and paid me to go!
All that ammo we shot up, never paid a penny for, such good times.
HM forces also have large stalking estates that you are incouraged to use. Iraq and Afganistan :lol:
I wouldn't pay to attend a shoot course, although I've seen some pretty dangerous shots on the range. It wouldn't hurt for some of these ranges to run a course for new members as part of the annual membership fee.
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