Deer Stalking Holidays

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Hello - special rates available for Stalking Directory memebers at £197 for 2 nights 5* luxury accommodation sleeping 4 people AND 1 x stalk accompanied by friendly DSC2 accredited witness.

Estate rifles available for beginners and all aspects of advice and training will be given and included in the price. You will be taken to the rifle range first for a short session and safety talk prior to your stalk.

IF you do not see any deer £50 will be refunded from this price !!! :lol:
Stalking is on Criggion HILL and forestry. Cull fee £150 or £250 for 2 on same stalk.

Please see for full details OR email me.


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Have I got this correct, If I come up for a two night stay and shoot two Deer on the one accompanied stalk I have to pay £447 and don't keep the carcas and the accomodation is self catering?
Too pricey for me

Hi Jean,
I had a look at your web-site and I can't see where we are getting a discount the prices are exactly the same as you advertised.
Boy's you can get stalking way cheaper than :lol:
Contact Tilhill forestry they offer some good deals for the hind stalking with no limits on cull animals.
I know whilst people are trying to get on the ladder in stalking it is difficult to gain stalking permission but my advice would be to keep your chin up and don't pay over inflated prices for something that needs to be done-the estates have a cull target that needs to be adhered to so if you don't do it the estate stalkers will need to carry out the culling.
I know a stalker in Central Scotland who will take you out on a 1000 acre estate for £50+vat and if the beast is wanted by the client it is an extra £25.It is the best roe stalking I have ever experienced with an almost guarantee of a beast.

Fallow Stalking

Right you Guys, firstly I will clarify the price :

If you want to go Fallow deer stalking the cost is £50 per stalk - If you don't see deer you pay nothing. If successful its an extra £100.

I am sure that many of you get free or cheap stalking but please bear in mind that this is accompanied by an A.W. at a BDS level 1 training facility and is also not in Scotland.

The prices on the 5* accommodation are reduced for shooting people, the standard agency price for 2 nights is £204 I am offering it for £147 which is a saving £57 (or a free stalk) or for 3/4 nights its £195 a saving of £81 on the list price.

My aim is to get you unromantic lot out there and to treat your better half and family to a luxury weekend away which will earn you masses of brownie points AND you get in some stalking at the same time but if you want just the stalking that's fine with me.

Happy Stalking ! :D



Jean I like your style (I'm a sucker for a strong woman)!!

As we all know, being allowed to stalk is about having 'banked' enough brownie points to give us a pass. I know there are stalkers who have long given up on any notion of romance with their wife/girl friend, who won't have a clue what I'm on about, but for my stalking friends and I, it's all about points! No use having a gold medal hanging on the wall if the wife has taken the kids to live at granny's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Hi Jean,
If the person is already an AW, holds DMQ2, has over forty years experience and does not need 'brownie points' does he still have to be accompanied ? lol

Rob Mac

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EMcC wrote

Hi Jean,
If the person is already an AW, holds DMQ2, has over forty years experience and does not need 'brownie points' does he still have to be accompanied ? lol

Now you're showing off! To be fair to Jean, I don't think she is necessarily trying to sell her services to the very experienced stalker. I may be wrong.....?



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I think emcc has got a point. Even with 10, 20, or thirty years experience it does not automatically mean that you have got ready access to land, you may not want the hassle of managing your own bit and are quite happy to pay to go on someone elses. In any event i think that these type of stalking outfits are literally taking the mick out of the people who are really desparate to go out stalking and at these prices one can join a syndicate for a year (which i know is not everybodies cup of tea), go when you want and pay £25-35 per night b+b, or if you are lucky, have access to a caravan.
I don`t know about any other stalker out there, but i don`t expect 5* accomodation when i go out, especially at £147 for two nights and also, why should you have to pay for cull animals, you are the only people that i have heard that does this.

I appreciate that you are running a buisness jean, but come on it`s a bit pricy.


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I am now, recently retired having had stalking on my doorstep for years and would like the odd outing just to keep my eye in, as it were, but I would find it hard to justify paying that sort of money.
I would be looking for somewhere to help with the cull rather than pay to do something I've done for years and made money from.
But I can see what is happening, now there are more people wanting to go stalking and willing to pay, so everybody with stalking wants to make a bob or two, so good luck to them, but the best value always comes out on top.


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This is a funny thread is it not, it is one of those peculiar set of circumstances where everyone appears to have a valid point of view. It all depends on individual tastes the trouble is not too many tastes run to stalking and 5 star accomodation. I'm very sure that there is a market out there for Jean's stalking package, I'm just not convinced that this forum is amongst the "out there" places.


PS I have my own stalking, but even if I did not this would not be for me. :eek:


5 Star

As JBAY quite rightly says, we're all different, with different tastes and preferences.

However, unlike JBAY, I can think of nothing better than a mixture of stalking and 5 Star accommodation. I've camped in woods before, I've stayed in 'stalkers' caravans before - and had a great time. But given the choice between 'roughing it' and 5 Star, there's only ever going to be one winner!



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Don`t get me wrong, we all like the comfy bed and en-suit shower when we have been out in midge infested woodlands but near on £75 per night is a bit hot i think for most stalkers, especially self catering :eek: The biggest gripe i`ve got is paying for cull animals, these need shooting anyway! :confused: .
Don`t get me wrong I wouldn`t pay to go with a stalker again, that i gave up donkey`s years ago, I am more concerned for the up and coming stalkers who maybe don`t have the choice but to pay one of these outfits and by the time they`ve done they have spent a fortune on top of buying all there equipment etc. :( Anyway that`s my bit said.


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i am sorry that the likes like wadashot are against people like jean hardy but she has to make a living. As u state u would not pay a stalker for cull animals again but that is how many young stalkers start off because we are not all that lucky to have our own ground. so that is why we buy stalking that is all available to us for the price we want to pay or can afford to pay , how about instead of slating jean hardy about her prices suggest a few different places who are cheaper than that so fellow stalkers can enjoy their sport with out being ripped off . Not that i agree with jean hardy,s prices so i will not book stalking with her but i hav found good stalking at reasonable rates with no trophy fees for cull animals which does not break the bank and i am prepared to divulge my information unlike so many others please do not take this the wrong way but i thought this site was for stalkers and stalking so how about letting others know about the stalking that is about, be it word of mouth or what u hav available all information will be gratefully received


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To be fair, i have got nothing against anybody making a bit of cash by whatever means, but limits are limits and it just seems quite an expensive package when you put it together, thats all.

Up until last week i was taking one of the forum members stalking on my bit in norfolk, but as well as the foot and mouth stopping that, as you may have read on the discussions, some shithead has had away with three of our high seats, so until we make some sort of decision as to what we are doing , then i wouldn`t personally be able to help, mores the pity.

If i do come across a contact who will take people out for a little charge, then rest assured i will post it.


paul k

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I don't blame Jean at all for trying to drum up some trade and it's a case of "you pays your money and takes your choice".

If four people go then the accommodation is not too bad at about £50 each per night, about the twice the price of a Travelodge with two sharing and one assumes, far more comfortable.

The stalking prices are a bit of a mixed bag, if you don't get a deer you can't complain at not being charged as you have still had a few hours of the stalker's time but £100 per deer shot plus the stalking fee makes it an expensive outing as I assume that this is the same be it a cull doe or decent buck.

By comparison I stalk with a couple of professional stalkers in the south of England and I pay £50 for an accompanied outing whether or not I get anything, I get the head in this price unless it is a particularly good trophy and if I want the venison it's a negotiable price over and above this based on the current wholesale price.

I do not have DCS but I have been stalking with these guys for between 10 and 20 years and they are happy to let me go unaccompanied where I know the ground. I pay £35 per outing plus any venison taken for an unaccompanied outing and leave any carcasses I don't want at the farm to be picked up later. I get a good deal as I also guide the odd client for them when they are heavily booked. This enables them to get up to four stalkers out at any one time which makes it more financially viable for them. On the other hand I am happy to turn out in rubbish weather to help with the doe cull as very often paying clients only want bucks.

It's quite a nice arrangement as all I do is call up and say that I fancy a go at a roe or fallow buck, I'm given a choice of locations, we agree a date, I get a briefing on what animal(s) to take and any other relevant information about access times or farming/forestry activity and then off I go.

One of the stalkers did take the p*ss a bit last year when, knowing he was out on another estate not too far away, I phoned him to say I'd got a buck but I didn't want the venison. He asked me to drag it down a couple of fields to the road side and prepare the carcass, he then came round to get it and said that as I had got my hands and knife dirty I might as well do the other two he'd got in the Land Rover as well!!!

Accommodation is a difficult area as, let's face it, if you are roe stalking in the Summer, you will be in bed for only a very short time. We tend to use motels and we rent a room for no more than £100, more usually £50 and then up to four or five of us bunk up in sleeping bags on the floors when the beds are full. When we go down to Devon for the reds we stay in a stalker friendly pub for £30 B&B and a good steak and chips in the bar for about £15.

Taking all this into account, as I usually do an evening stalk followed by a morning stalk, I end up paying £120/£140 plus any venison for two outings, inlcuding accommodation.


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Hi Jean,
the stalking is ok at that price, but the accommodation is way overblown, all I need at the end of a day is a clean bed and a shower. Anything cheaper available and I might be interested. What you got?
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