Deer stalking near San Antonio, Texas


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I am looking for some advice from people who might have some experience of how to access deer stalking in San Antonio, Texas, USA. My dad is visiting my sister in Texas and would like to try and stalk there. Any help would be much appreciated.

jimmy milnes

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Wasn't deer I did but I had two days pig sticking with an outfitter called Dan Moody who was about an hour drive from San Antonio, found him a decent guy who got results and enjoyed his company, hope this may help
P's. .. If ya dad does use Dan ask him if I can have my cowboy hat back as I left it lol


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Get on the feral hogs and javelina mate it's dirt cheap and loads of ranches have a problem with them, you need to get a hunters license but the ranch will sort that out for you


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the hill country is teeming with Deer and Hogs, shouldn't be that difficult to find a guide, although there are seasons to consider for the Deer


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Hi. I arrived in San Antonio last summer on an exchange tour with the USAF. If you want to hunt deer (and the place is toppers with them!), it can be pretty expensive. Like anywhere, the best way to secure stalking/hunting is through the slow patient building of relationships. That said, feral hog hunting is available in abundance and is pretty good fun. Stalking ('Still hunting') is not that common around here, with most outfitters offering hunting from 'blinds'. The other advantage of shooting pigs is that you are not encumbered with seasons. If you want me to look up some outfitters for you, let me know and I'll do some digging.


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Deer will be seasonal and more difficult than hog hunting.

Check out Cabelas. They are sure to be expensive, but will give you a starting point.