Deer Stalking on TV Tonight


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Short notice, but Marco Pierre White is on ITV at 9pm tonight, I think he's shooting and cooking deer.

Richard Parsons

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Lets see how good he is and read all the complaint letters in the press on Friday about what a b*stard he is....we can all see it coming a mile off!


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Last week he shot rabbits.

There seems to be a bit of a pro hunting thing going on with celeb chefs at the minute. See those two in Spain shoot a boar, ramsey almost shooting a boar in the US, Hugh FW shooting anything he can find, now old Marco Pierre (who I quite like because he's a bit mad) working his way through the fauna of the UK.

I'm going to tape it because I hope he'll show how to butcher it as well.

Andy L

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Well, who fancies venison tartare then? I was not sure until I heard the comments about it. Now I think I might give it a go. If nothing else, it will make the mother-in-law roll her eyes and think 'whatever will he come up with next!' :lol:
For those of you who did not see it, he took a cull buck early in the season (still mostly in velvet with a scraggy winter coat). It ran for about 100 yds and then dropped. Reckon he needs a bigger gun! :lol:
He then made tartare with it and everyone reckoned it was very tasty.


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Looked to me like that deer could have been shot longer than they made out. By the time they got to it, it looked like it had been dragged around the field, even taking into consideration it was in moult. :eek:

But it is good to get it on telly though, so must not slag it off. ;)


Andy L

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I agree Wadas. In my limited experience, a fallen deer tends to look peaceful and relaxed (and dead!). That deer just looked dead, I put it down to the moult but with TV you just don't know what actually takes place.


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venison tartare looked nice so we might give that one a go not to sure about the raw egg, don't mind carpachio of any meat but slimey raw egg no thanks


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marco pierre white has shot more deer than he has cooked hot dinners :lol:
pigeon shooting , well s@@t happens
cockle picking never seen that before so quite a new experience for me to watch
the hams FANTASTIC wish i had more info on how he did it
DEER STALKING( okay sat in a blind) they chose a cull buck it was shot and gathered then the meat used in a resturant which helped to promote venison what more publicty do you want ;)


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Yeah I was wondering about that shot to. He should of stalked into the deer. I think he is a great bloke, a real character just not very experienced at stalking. No harm in that though and his programs are really good.


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Be fair to the man, how would you set about stalking into a buck complete with TV crew, remember he was working to a bit of a deadline. I expect it was his deadline that prevented him from getting to hang about for the pigeons, same thing for the mackerel the seal did for him and no time for a second go. So I should imagine that they were just tipping the scales as much as they could in his favour. It got the shot on TV and I am all for that.

I must admit that I do quite like the lunatic, he does not seem to get on very well with the modern PC thing, and why should he.

I do agree that Buck could have done with a bit of attention from the make up department, it did look as if the drag to where it was filmed was a non too smooth ride, never mind field to fork on prime time TV, can't be bad.


Richard Parsons

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Next week it looks like squirrels according to the trailer.....
bang weeeeeeeeee thump
bang weeeeeeeeeeee thump. Anyone remember that episode of Blackadder years ago. Naughty Marco...excellent programme, top man.

Offroad Gary

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he gets my vote.

and he should be in the england smoking team! :lol:

i'm just going to try and win tickets to his feast in hampshire, its about 20mins from my house and i stalk on the estate there.


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I agree - i think he's a top bloke and is doing well to promote "wild" foods and the pursuit of them.

Has anyone ready his bio on wikipedia? I thought this was hilarious:

White's recent autobiography includes a picture of Gordon Ramsay in tears, caused by Ramsay making a mistake and White shouting at him. When White was asked about making Ramsay cry, White commented "I didn't make Gordon cry, he chose to cry!"

Anyone who makes Ramsay cry gets my vote!

I've entered his draw to win tickets to his feast. Keeping fingers crossed as i'd love to go - not too far for me either.


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If I recall correctly was it Marco that held a CIC points record for a matter of days a few years ago for a Roe buck that he took in Sussex??
It was a story that I heard, I can only assume it to be true he used to do a lot of Pheasant Shooting and Deer Stalking on an Estate in Sussex I know of. Have met him a few times and mad is definately true, thank god he didnt USED to have a driving licence.



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i think your correct Nielaj on the roe buck record he held for a short time.i think hes a top bloke and mad as a hatter.he got through a few cigs while waiting for that buck to show up.


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Next week Mr ISHI on menu!
I wish I could take a buck, with 10 cameramen, and a bloke with a Badger on the end of a stick, recording my every word and pent up emotion. !Sound recording,.There would be a burst of turrets , and a boot to follow!. 200yds ! long shot but he was happy , and the man from Del monte he say yes , so boom , seemed to run a fair bit. A nice Roe.
But to just prod it with your rifle at the end !! well just a lot of reverence Marco :( :(


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What next ? Delia and Nigella go plains game hunting and show 101 simple recipies for Kudu and impala. :lol: :lol: