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Just after a few opinions and advice really, I am going to make myself an aluminium tray sledge. I have seen a few pictures of them that you can get from bushwear.. now what I would like to know is people that have used them or have them what they would change or alter to them to make them better. Many thanks in advance.


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I have a Trace plastic deer sled from bushwear, first class bit of kit, slides very easily with a deer in it also stick your rifle on it when dragging, rolls up in a tube before use .


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Schappell jet sled JS1 i have two of these abosolutely fantastic one is over ten years old and seen so much work it's a brilliant product.

I think mine measure 54"x25"x10" they will handle some big stags well my biggest was 130kg clean so decent enough, mind you when loaded with stags such as mentioned you really do need a quad or winch to make extraction easier, however for sika which is my main quarry they are perfect, and easily pulled by hand..


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I made one from 20g galvanised sheet folded the sides and mig welded the curved front added a light weight box section frame around the top with a towing eye. Had two fallow bucks on at once behind the quad no problems picked up a fair few dents in the bottom where my quad driving hasn't been to carefully on stone ground.