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For Sale: Deerhunter Champ De Lux ambidextrous Clay Target Shooting Vest Solid Back


Well-Known Member
Deerhunter Champ De Lux ambidextrous Clay Target Shooting Vest Solid Back Colour BLACK The Champ de Lux clay vests are available for Right Hand or left handed shooters. Designed with solid back which can be worn all year round but just a tad warmer but more popular with teams and clubs as the solid back allows the shooter to have it embroidered etc with ease. The vest offers huge pockets allowing the storage of multiple cartridges so you don't run out halfway though your round. 'D' rings hang from either side of the vest and allow you to carry items such as ear defenders or a roll up slip for your gun, leaving your pockets empty. The righ/left handed shoulder is finished in leather to provide a more robust area where the gun is mounted time and time again, the pocket opening are also lined with leather to reduce wear and tear in this area. Features: 2 deep double pockets in front Leather reinforcements on the right and left side Large game style rear pocket with additional convenient zipper at bottom 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton, with real leather machine washable
sizes available are extra small 32 inch chest ,small 38inch chest ,medium 38 inch chest
Price £15 delivered
s-l500.jpgm me if your interested