Deerhunter Montana 5 in 1 Jacket

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I have decided it is time I bought a new jacket before the cold weather comes.

I was thinking of buying a Deerhunter Montana 5 in 1 jacket.

Does anybody own one of these jackets? If so how would you rate them (waterproofness, durability, wearability and value for money).

If anybody has any other brand of jacket that they think is better value for money please let me know.

Thanks in advance



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ive got one but i only bought it 2 weeks ago, so cant really rate it yet, i did set out in the highseat with it last week when it was ****ing down with rain an it didnt leak, which was a good thing :), i also had to take the fleece out from in the jacket as it was very warm, so should be good for the winter.

but im pleased so far

Monkey Spanker

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I've worn the same one now constantly for about 5-6 years! I don't tend to crawl around on my elbows too much, but it has lasted me extremely well! Very versatile too with the 3 layer system to adapt to all weathers. For the money, I think they are excellent and will buy another IF this one ever wears out!


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5th season now with my montana, overall very good jacket although i dropped the fleece. I personally prefer a tighter fitting fleece of better quality. Jacket can be a bit too warm if you intend on climbing mountains or dragging reds about.


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Another satisfied Montana owner here! I have had mine for 5 or 6 years, it has been used beating, stalking and dog walking for three seasons of the year for all those years. I find it far too warm in summer, but hard to beat during the cooler autumn, spring and winter weather. Especially good as it has a zip in fleece liner and underarm zipped vents which allow you to adjust the comfort levels of the jacket.

Well worth the money and one of my better purchases.


goldeneve frise

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I have had one for about four years now, even had it out on the marsh when its been really cold.
Extremely durable probably one of the best coats you can buy


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Not the jacket but I wear DH Montana trousers day in day out with the zip in liner removed. As a heads up if you are elephant size like me Sportsmansgun have them reduced from £120ish to a tenner, well they did last time I looked.


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I've has a Montana for about 5 years and its been a great coat. Very warm and dry in the Winter. I lost the zip in fleece about 3 years ago but still keep warm.

I like the big pocket that runs around the back of the coat - good for keeping a small flask out of the way when walking about :D


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A fantastic jacket, given 4 years of service, got the trousers too. Just be careful when washing the drop liner, the joint tape can detatch! Best to hand wash the liner, the rest goes in the machine!


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I have had my montana jacket and trousers for 5-6 years and would have another when these are worn out .Great value for money i have even used my jacket when going skiing,it kept me warm as toast:tiphat:.

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