Deerstalker/sherlock hat


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I have been searching for a Harris Tweed deerstalker type hat for ages , can find plenty of Tweed (wool) hats but not Harris Tweed,anybody got any idea where I can get one?


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I guess the best answer might be to go to Harris, or Lewis, for such a thing:

If this is the place I think it is then they usually have a good stock of hats so maybe worth giving them a bell if the web site doesn't have what you are looking for. They may also be able to get one made up for you as I think they have a shed across the road that is full of tweeds, including probably a lot of pretty unique stuff.


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Dont tell me you put it on back to front and couldna see and walked into a tree:p
No guys, i had the flaps tied down to prevent the wind blowing the darn thing off and i never heard the offer of a slug from a 35 year old Macallan!!!