Deerstalking Fair, 23rd & 24th March, 2019, Border Union Showground, Kelso, Scottish Borders

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Is this thread turning into yet another organisation bash thread ?? Seems we get a few on here.
What big organisation gets everything right 100% of the time ?
As said by previous posts stick ya money where your mouth is, turn up and ask the question then get the answers... simple unless you think they're able to give you credible answers and make you look daft.
I believe if I was informed correct that you have some stalking land near Bonchester Bridge which isn't a million miles away so make a weekend of it


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Hey! if the SNH is there maybe we can ask them about how they go about issuing out of seasons and night licenses to everywanker that moves in scotland who just wants to shoot and sell deer to the dealer???...or, for example, why they or why they love to monitor deer populations in the dead of winter when deer are grouped up in valley's/gully's so it seems there's thousands of them,,to then make statistical assumptions that is a common trait regionally (which it's not, they just 'do' group up in massive herds leaving large regions void in this time of year!...obviously)....

There is a very good reason why they count when and how they do normally they count in March why? Several reasons
first the deer are congregated on wintering grounds and its easier to get an accurate count, again easier to get a good count when there is still some snow on the ground counting in March also gives a good idea of the number of youngsters that have survived the winter.

Most counts these days are done by helicopter and digital camera and are more accurate than they were in the past
Though the counts take place on the wintering grounds cull figures are proportioned across the whole of that deer groups range which normally will take in several estates.

While I am not a great fan of SNH for several reasons I can't really find fault with their counting method , I may disagree at times with the cull figure they arrive at but not the method nor accuracy of the count.
Hi All

We will be attending the Deer Stalking Fair on the 23rd/24th March.

As in previous years we will have:

> Roe & Sika Sacks
> UK made rifle slips
> Monarch "Munro" gaiters
> Lowa Hunter Boots (Forum supported pricing will apply).
> Mora Butchery knives
> Bone Saws
> Gambrels
> Rovince Anti-Tick Clothing
> Trophy Shields, Clamps etc
> And lots more...

We will also have Vortex Optics on display - Diamondback, Viper binos etc - also a very special one-off deal on Vortex Fury Rangefinder bino's.

Look forward to catching up with familiar faces over the weekend :thumb:


Rob & Jess



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Unfortunately I'm now out of commission that weekend. :(
Got a phone call from the Professor that's going to be carrying out the major re-plumbing of my insides. He wants me in on the Sunday for the op on Monday and all my family and in-laws want to see me before I go in!
To all those that are going, hope it's what you're looking for and enjoy the day irrespective.


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Deerstalking Fair 23rd & 24th March, 2019, Border Union Showground, Kelso, Scottish Borders

We were delighted to be approached by Scottish Natural Heritage who wish to attend the fair this year and utilise this platform to promote their 'Wild Deer Best Practice Initiative'. This will be delivered through a series of talks and demonstrations to cover such topics as dogs for deer, habitat impact assessments and gun maintenance. They are also bringing their shooting simulator along for visitors to have a shot or two on. SNH Wildlife Management staff along with other Best Practice partners will be present on the stand over the weekend which will carry displays on the work they are involved in with regards wildlife management and licensing. They will be available to discuss any issues and answer questions visitors may want to raise. Full details on the schedule and the time the presentations will be delivered will be published before the event and within the venue.

Mike Norris from Brock & Norris Custom Rifles has made an incredibly generous offer to the fair, of a full custom built rifle, scope and moderator to be the main prize in a charity raffle, the proceeds of which will go to the 'My Name5 Doddie Foundation’, set up to raise funds for research into Motor Neurone Disease, a condition he is suffering from. Doddie is a friend of mine and as a keen shooting man has been a regular attendee at the fair. Hopefully if he will be available to pop down on the Sunday to draw the winner. Full details of the prize and how to enter will be published soon.

Viking Arms and Meopta are continuing their support and sponsorship of the fair and will be there with Merkel Helix rifles, Meopta Optics and other popular brands they stock. We have several new attendees this year signed up including Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), Leica, rifle and stalking equipment distributors Raytrade Entwistle carrying among other brands Remington Rifles, Barnes Bullets and GPO (German Precision Optics), B&D Stalking Equipment and Best Deer/Fox Call to name a few. If the name isn’t familiar, B&D manufacture and carry a large stock of lardering equipment, high seats, suspended gralloching frames, skinning cradles, carcass trays and modular chillers and much more besides. A more comprehensive list of exhibitors and brands will follow soon.

As well as the exhibitors and traders and the presentations already mentioned, we will be holding several more educational talks and demonstrations covering shot site inspection and training dogs for deer presented by the UKDTR who will also have dog tracking equipment for sale, skinning and butchery demos using some of the equipment available to buy at the fair, venison and game cookery demos and a talk on ballistics, bullet choice and rifle accuracy to name a few. One of the most popular seminars from last years fair was on the subject of disease in deer, presented by Prof Jim Simpson. His knowledge on this subject is extensive and as one visitor said to me after attending Jim’s lecture last year, ‘it was worth coming just to learn from that man alone today, aside from everything else going on….’.

Entry is £10 for adults, under 16’s free, parking is also free.

So, hopefully in the meantime this will allow you all to get a taster of what’s on at this years Deerstalking Fair but please keep an eye open for more extensive details which will follow in due course.
Are there any more details about the raffle yet? I'm hoping to be there the Sunday.


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I'd like to ask any of the vendors that attend.
If you sell bullets please bring a variety of 7-08mm
two years now I have flitted from stall to stall looking for the above to no avail, could get anything else but not 70-08s
best regards
P.S. I'll be there Sunday.