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My all time favourite aircraft. You cannot beat the sound and sight of a Spitty in a clear blue sky, it lifts the heart, and serves us to remember all those that lost their lives flying them in WWII.


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Quite simply the prettiest aircraft ever produced...and the one with the best noise!

paul k

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I was fishing on Llyn Brenig in North Wales two years ago and heard this almightly noise coming down the valley. It was a Spitfire which started to perform minor aerobatics above me just a few loop the loops and rolls but quite incredible and great to see.

I went to the wedding of the daughter of a friend a few months later and found myslef talking to the owner/pilot - he was her daughter's new father in law and offered me a spin as it is a two seater. I haven't taken him up on it yet!


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Fantastic plane :D Must admit tho i do have a soft spot for the North american P51 Mustang as well, Fitted with a merlin they carry that very same sound when cruising 8) All time favourite tho is the Republic P47 Thunderbolt with the radial engine. Now that is an awsome sound 8) 8) 8) 8) :D
Just excuse me while i relieve myself over that noise :eek: :D
Take the offer up of the flight my friend. its a once in a lifetime offer :D
Im not 100% sure on this but i think there is only 1 two seater spitfire left flying :confused:


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Not an expert , but we get to get the Memorial flight over our house nearly every day! !Lancaster, Dakota , Spit , Hurricane, Plus all the modern stuff!!! We also get a free demo of the RED ARROWS. .claim to fame when red arrow did a tits up in the 80s it went in my neighbours bathroom, and we got the wing in our garden, we nicked it !. Some bloke from the Ministry came for it !well how the Fxxc do you hide a HAWK aeroplane wing in your house. Regards Trapper


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I have to say Hurricane (unsung hero of the B of B)

Then mozzy, lanc, Then Spitfire (merlin engine / not Griffon engine)

Real winner Rolls Royce V 12 merlin (powerd them all)

What a sound And powerfull memory of lost hero's


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PaulK if I am correct he lives up the hill side from you, across from me if you like, very often see him doing acrobats in his spity above the village, pure pleasure to watch.
Must be a lucky bugger to get offered a ride!

And yes the noise it's all to do with the supercharger, a very distinctive whistle.


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The only thing that sounds better than one Merlin engine is two Merlin engines. Once had the pleasure of hearing then seeing a Mosquito fly over my house back in the mid nineties I think. Later the same year the aircraft and was destroyed. The last flying example I think. A friend of mine flew them during the war, when I get home from the rig I'll post a picture of him doing a low level flypast for a film.


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I agree with all the posts so far. As a kid I had most of the airfix models hanging from my ceiling. I do like the Stuka and the 109E Mesherscmitt though too!


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pride of place in my garage is the rear wheel from a spitfire. My granddad used to work on them during the war. I believe it was with a section of polish pilots from bradwell.
I guess he must of misplaced the wheel in his overalls one day & didn't realise until he got home.
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