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Thanks Pete,
That was an excellent clip. It makes me laugh though when people call deer. It always sounds like the morning after a night on the beer and curry! :lol:


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Good vid. :D

You can make your own red deer call with a kitchen paper towel cardboard tube, it echoes really well. I tried it up in Scotland, but you do feel like a bit of a plonker, and it stops you from doing it properly cos you laugh so much, but it`s worth a go :lol: :lol:



You dont happen to have a video of you doing that do you wadas.


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I`m Afraid not Grant mate, If i did i would be sending to You`ve been framed to claim my £250 and let Harry Hill rip me to bits. :lol: :lol:



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Nice piece of filming, very good quality film. Calling out Reds in the rut is great fun, especially in woodland. As wadders said a cardboard tube works quite well, although you can buy one of those metal/plastic funnels they use for calling.

The Teckle at the end made me smile, they run through heather not over it :lol:


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Calling kit

Hi Pete, stunning little clip, thank you mate.

A word about the stag calling; it took a friend of mine many hours of practice to get proficient at this art, as well as a sore throat and not a little embarrassment!
He was therefore slightly vexed when after a night out together (curry and a pint job), I stumbled upon the tools for the most authentic red stag call he`d ever heard; (these are his words), "all i bloody needed was six pints of Guinness, a curry and bury my head in a bloody toilet bowl", oh and i forgot to add his parting finale, "bloody light-wieght".
All this nastiness while i was wrapped around the toilet bowl, dying or at least, hoping to!

So there it is!. Stag calling kit for for the hill:- copious amounts of Guinness, about 3 pints more than you can normally manage at a guess, and a toilet bowl.

Heym SR20

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Interesting to see he is quite happy shooting a running beast and also standing shot with no rest etc.

Oh if a DMC assessor could see that !!!


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Hi Beowulf

I certainly need to meet up with you and the rest of the guys soon Beowulf, before that Steyr gets me into any more trouble! I`d better bring plenty of beer tokens to make amends!!
I`m probably going to have a mooch around Shugburough Hall this saturday, its only a small place, "but it`s home", unfortunately, not my home!!. Then realy looking forward to the Catton Park shindig and i might just be "calling a few red`s" after that one!! It`s true, i`m such a lightweight with beer :oops: TONY M