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Hello All,
I have been mulling over this for sometime and come to a decision, for personal reasons I have decided to cease offering my services as a deer stalking guide.
For bookings taken to date I will obviously honour 100% but I will be taking no other bookings from today.
For any previous clients or current bookings if you have any questions please email me at info@devondeer.co.uk
I wish to thank the owners of this site for letting me advertise my services, and by de-fault Minox.
Minox sell some great optics and I will be remaining on their 'edge program' but not as a deer stalking guide, I cannot speak more highly of Minox, they have been so supportive and helpful.
Finally all the great clients I have met via this site, it has been a real pleasure guiding you.
I will be putting all my efforts into my fly fishing business and hopefully developing my venison food business.
ps I had no option with the prefix selected as 'available' otherwise I couldn't have posted this thread.
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Sad news for those of us who like to travel about stalking in different locations. Good luck with the fly guiding and venison sales :thumb:


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Sad news. Haven't had the chance to do any stalking as of yet but still a sad thing to hear. Atb in your new business ventures though.

Could you pass the details etc of your venison company on to me, as id like to purchase some.

Many thanks and all the best



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Sorry to hear you're not guiding (or as our American friends say "outfitting") any more, all the best for the future.


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Sorry to hear the news Richard well at least I have one more stalk with you booked, Look forward to seeing you in November


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Sorry to hear this Richard, was looking forward to booking some stalks on the Reds.

Wish you all the best for the future and might just be in contact for some guided fishing :)

Best Wishes