Available: Devon Stalkers Range Gathering (Winter 2017)


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Due to popular demand Devon Stalking will be having its third range day with Roundhouse Firearms Training on Sunday January 29th.

The day promises to give deer stalkers the chance to shoot steel reactive targets out to a maximum of range of 300 Yards. Targets range from actual Roe deer size to wild boar shapes and other styles. The day will also give stalkers the chance to practice different fire positions at various ranges without the real pressure of live quarry in front of them. Shooting sticks are encouraged for the 50 & 100 yard point.

The total cost for the day will be £45.00 per person. Spectators (not behind a rifle on the day) will be able to attend for free. Due to the organisation involved, a £25 non refundable deposit will be required. Closing date for deposits WILL be the 23rd Jan 2017. The maximum number of stalkers shooting on the day will be 24.

Open and Closed ticket holders (conditions dependant) are welcome. Sound moderators are encouraged but not essential.

The following conditions WILL be imposed on the day –

1.No Magnum calibers.

2.No Varmint calibers, rimfires, 17HMR etc (This is a meeting for deer stalkers!)

3.No impact velocities above 3,000 fps!

Ammunition can be purchased on the day from Tiff Dew, (RCO), please get your requests in early to avoid any embarrassing situation on the day!

The following estate rifle calibers are available on the day for an additional fee - .223 Rem, .308 Win, again, please touch base with Tiff early.

Accommodation is available overnight if required at £10.00 per person per night. The Bunkhouse can sleep up to 20 persons with wash facilities on site.

A barbecue with venison burgers is planned for midday.

This event will be run from the east side of Bodmin moor. Once you have confirmed your place, exact locations and map detail will be provided via email.

The range brief will start at 0900hrs, stalkers are kindly asked to be on time and arrive for 0830hrs.

Please contact Tiff Dew by email for any on-site information including any "Closed Ticket" conditions that may prohibit you from shooting on the day.

Tiff Dew - roundhousefirearms@gmail.com



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1 week to go until the 3rd range gathering for Devon Stalkers. As predicted, this event is or nearly is maxed out on shooter spaces. If you are attending, please remind yourself of the rules and regs for the day. A venison barbecue is planned for midday before starting the final range of 300 yards. Non shooters / spectators are welcome on the day.

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Evening folks, I would just like to say a huge thank you for all that supported this year's very wet winter 2017 range gathering. We've been very lucky on the last two shoots so I was expecting this at some point. It was great to meet some new faces along with some regulars. Many thanks to Tiff Dew​ and his family for hosting our Facebook Group, it couldn't of been much fun for your parents on the sentry positions! Thank you Phil Rowland​ for providing the images, always great to see your work. The link will show some images from the day.

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