Dew clawing


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If any one can pass on to me the details of a vet (proper vet not someone who will just do it) that will dew claw the rear dew claws of new pups could they please pm me the details.

Vet must be able to travel to east lothian area.

I have tried the local vets however it is not something that they do.




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Pups are due (no pun intended) in 3 weeks time so I need to try and organise someone prior to this.

Don't want to be moving them at such an early age hence why I want a vet round to the house.

Bitch had due claws so it's pretty reasonable to expect the pups may have them as well.


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David it might not happen mate but if it does a wee trip out will not do them or the bitch any harm and you can get her fully checked over while you're there, You know you can do it yourself its very easy in fact its a snip no pun intended.