Diamonds are a sheikhs best friend


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Protect the diamonds? What?

An extra layer of lacquer was required to protect the diamond particles during the hand-polishing process, adding an extra two days of paint application by hand and a further day of finishing.
Remember in early 80s when photos were going about , reportedly a sheik in abu dhabi had a Silver BMW made specially, not painted silver,,,,,, not silver plated, but the body was made from solid silver,,,,, but think about the cost of his private yacht,, in excess of 100 mil $ ,,,,, when you own 20 % the worlds oil reserves ,,, you get whatever you want
The rest of us just got to wish


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It all makes our 'what pickup?' thread seem rather pedestrian. Still, give me a Hilux any day...well, until they reduced the engine size that is...


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He ended up having that sprayed white with pink highlights and chrome spinner wheels fitted. The reason I know is that he pulled up in it then came across the road into Branthwaites gun shop and bought some 9mm blanks, had a good chat to him for about 1/2 an hour, spoke really good English considering he is Italian, also had the meanest looking bodyguard with him, knife scars on his face and across his ears. Still when you earn that much cash at that age what else do you do with it. P.s for those who don't know it is Mario Ballotelli.