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paul k

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My new Diana catalogue just arrived - I have never hunted with them and maybe will never be able to afford it but it makes great reading with some superb photograohs.


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just got mine too, brilliant catalogue, i would love to organise a roe stalk in england somewhere with them next year, we dont have roe here in ireland sadly, beautiful little deer.

paul k

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The only thing I can't work out is that they advertise chinese water deer on hunts based in Gloucester, Oxfordshire and Birmingham and sika on hunts based in Gloucester, Oxfordshire and Salisbury.

I have no knowledge of wild CWD or sika in or near any of these areas apart from maybe the New Forest and possibly a very small number of sika in the Cornbury area of Oxfordshire so I guess these hunts must either be behind the wire of an estate or they travel to Buckinghamshire or Dorset where, to my knowledge, the nearest stalking for wild CWD and sika respectively can be had as I don't think too many sika are stalked in the New Forest.


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Hmm I have knowledge in the distant past of some of their hunts and estates they dealt with !!!!
As you say Paul, its a bit suspicious about there claims to various species. I am also aware that in the past they would contact people and find out where they stalked, and would then make a private approach behind your back for the rights.

Recently they tried to buy all the stags on an area I have helped manage in Scotland, and on which I was mostly responsible for the first years management of 180 deer culled with a team I put togther rather than SNH blast away.

They are a big player, and I believe offer a resonable service, but I still have my doubts. Ghosts from the past really, if you get my drift ;)

paul k

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stone said:
just out of interest are there any prices with the catalogue, in accordance to the CWD prices
kind regards stone

Two prices quoted for CWD are as follows:

Oxfordshire £800 for a 3 day hunt including B&B for 4 nights and transport plus £300-£400 for a CWD trophy

Birmingham £960 for a 3 day hunt including 4 nights B&B and transport plus trophy fees of £160 for a CWD doe and £300 (less than 25mm length) to £600 (Gold Medal) for bucks


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a lot more money than i am paying but i am getting a good deal, though mine is all highseat and i don't need the accomodation or transport
many thanks stone


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I went with Diana on my first trip to Zim in 1995, have used them a few times since too, and have no complaints whatsoever, except that they aren`t as cheap as booking with the hunters in Africa, ;) Which technically your not supposed to do, but hey ho, we have to save a buck now and again
One thing I did find out about Diana, they are a very large multinational company, and yet they will still do a deal, last time I used them was in 2002,I was taking a few stalkers that hadn`t been to Africa before,and after I haggled a bit, they did me a very very good deal,not that I`m tight, but I didn`t want first timers spending a fortune and worrying about the £`s whenever they saw an animal.
At that time, they were the cheapest on the market for a 10 day,8 animal hunt.
Now Limpop safaris do the Africa side of things for DIana, the person to speak to is Tina Jepperson,if memory serves me correct.
One thing you do have with Diana, is peace of mind, insurances, any goes tits up you ring them and it`s sorted if poss.
I never used to worry much about anything like insurance etc no to have the payout then :lol:
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