Did I miss something?


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Just been in to my game dealer.
He says that all venison is now supposed to be supplied to him skinned.
He says that it is something that came in last year.
That can't be right or did I miss what would be a ridiculous piece of food regulations that will lead to mass cross contamination?


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If he is a small dealer and only has one chiller it may be something that the EHO/Local Authority have imposed upon him specifically?


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That doesnt sound right to me... This is the latest I can find here. It makes no reference so far as I could see to mandatory skinning before sending to a game dealer, instead it refers to "in-fur/in-feather" game and also to wild game meat legislation.

To me that sounds like you have the option to supply skin-on or skin-off as you prefer or have agreed with your game dealer?

I would agree with you that mandatory skinning would certainly not be a good thing for hygiene and cleanliness of the carcasses. Could this be a case of your game dealer no longer wanting to spend time skinning a load of carcasses off?


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Hhmmmm. Always amazed me that he never asked for ID or Trained status either.
New game dealer wanted near Hereford.


Another option is (accepting the comments about saving himself a job etc) that he is no longer an AGHE and now is only a butcher. This would mean, from my reading of the reg's that he cannot accept it 'in-fur' but as with all regulations they are designed to make lawyers money and not be easy to follow :)


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They (Willo Game) normally do but two weeks ago they said they weren't taking any more for a while (didn't say how long).


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Sounds like trying to cut his time & costs. Less time having to skin. Less cost for waste disposal, probably try to knock down price he pays as well now he can see bullet trauma / bruising on carcass and as said above probably dropped to butcher status and can't accept in fur?